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    Hi folks

    I have just arrived at Heathrow from Dublin. At the gate I was informed that I had been downgraded to Economy. The purser very politely explained that due to operational reasons only 1 CC member would be working the CE cabin (5 rows max. 6) which by the way was not full and I was the unlucky one!

    Upside…I was given an exit seat row (9) on the A319 and got to sit beside a super sexy Swede lol

    What should I rightfully expect in the form of compensation. Is 100k Avios too much??


    Don’t sell yourself too cheap…!!

    I would have thought a minimum of 18,000 avios to cover a free return flight next time… plus a refund of the fare difference…

    Did the super sexy Swede give you here number??? :))


    Hello alexpo1

    Glad to hear that you had a good flight in the end! I’ve never heard of such a downgrade before, although I am not as regular a BA traveller a many people on the forum.

    I wondered if 18,000 avios might be a reasonable amount? It is arguably defensible on the basis that it will pay for a return CE ticket from LHR-DUB (albeit you would obviously have to pay the tax).

    Do let us know what you eventually ask for (and if it is given!)



    A quick Wednesday competition, mind you, it will probably take 3 weeks to get the answer….

    Two parts…. how long for an answer and how many avios will Alex receive as compo for the down grade from BA..?

    A – 3 weeks
    B – 18,000

    Will do AF and Martyn

    Super sexy Swede was taking none of my nonsense!

    Now in one of the best planespotting seats in the world…T1 BA International Lounge. Front row of course.


    You know what alexpo, they’ve got your details, they know that they downgraded you, the only thing they might not know is your flirting didn’t work with Bjorn.
    A world leading airline like BA should contact you first!
    But I like Martyn’s game ….so
    Within 72 hours the bog standard …blahdeblah hope you go away letter.
    Then nothing until you press them, and then 6 weeks after that a letter + 10,000 Avios.

    The token gesture for issues such as this seems to be 40000 avios. My friend had a problem with his IFE on the way back from the states (it broke down and they had to switch to the channel system). He complained in great style and got 40000 avios! So for a downgrade I would be gunning for at least that. They are legally obliged to refund 30% of your ticket price at minimum. EU reg 261 I believe, although I maybe mislead. Best of luck.


    If this happened to me and I had luggage in the hold I might have been tempted to say that I will take a later flight and watch the reaction whilst they offload my bags!


    Actually, this is covered by the Denied Boarding Regulation – BA need to pay you 30% of the ticket price (if the flight was under 1500 km) or 50% up to 3500km (not sure how long your journey was). They’ve got 7 days to pay.



    7 days, 25,000 Avios and a Swedish phrase book for next time.


    Several weeks during which they will deny liability on the grounds that you agreed to the downgrade, that it was due to “exceptional circumstances”, and/or that you asked to be downgraded in order to have some smorgasbord in the exit row.

    30% of the ticket price and a packet of condoms for your next flight (lol)


    You should send BA a thank-you note for getting you seated next to the Sexy Swede! Short-haul, I would down-grade 10 out of 10 times to sit next to a real fox….


    alexpo1. I might be able to give you an answer here as a shorthaul crew member. What I presume has happened here is this. Our crew requirements are based on a number of things, one being the amount of Club passengers we have. On the Dublin route the max number of Club we can have with 3 crew for a A319 is 15, irrespective of how many passengers are in economy. I assume you were no. 16. I’m not sure why there wasn’t an extra crew member put on being in LHR, but the booked load may have gone up by the time the crew got on the aircraft. I have to be honest and say this situation very rarely happens. The purser was strictly sticking to the script here, although if it had been me I’d have left you in Club as personally one extra customer isn’t going to change my life. So the purser was technically correct albeit not too flexible in my opinion.
    Hope you get compensated well as it’s the airlines fault.

    Thanks all for your amusing and enlightening replies.

    I have just checked my BAEC account and this morning I was supposed to be in 2F. I was in such a rush I didn’t even look at my boarding pass issued at check-in desk -15D. If I had bothered to look I would have kicked up a major fuss…very rare thankfully.

    When I got to the gate 15D had been changed to 9D.

    All bizarre really considering Club was not full. By this stage I was just glad to be going home.

    Should I make the first move?

    And SSS’s English is better than mine!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 92 total)
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