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  • Tom Otley

    Yes, although when I click the link the website is down, so perhaps too many people are trying to register – or I have just helped promote a spam link!

    The internet is a very strange and disturbing place.


    Yes, that was my reaction too…. I am just about to ring BAEC to have them confirm it is for real!


    What really gets me is that in every single communication, they use words to this effect: “Please accept our deepest apologies for the worry and inconvenience that this criminal activity has caused”.

    They keep apologising for this “criminal activity” as if to deflect from the real problem. What they should be apologising for is their negligence in not keeping their customer data safe. If they had not been negligent, the theft would not have happened.

    If you are entrusted with someone’s house and you leave it unattended with the front door wide open and it gets robbed. What do you say to its owner, “I’m sorry you got robbed” or “I’m sorry I left the door open”?

    Alex Cruz is so quick to be defensive, to insinuate that it’s not their fault. Why can’t they just take full responsibility for this?

    It’s funny that they can fix the problem within minutes after something like this happens, so why didn’t they do it before?

    I hope they throw the book at them and get a hefty fine. It’s time they, and all other big companies start learning a lesson from this.

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    I’d only contact BA by going through the official website pulled up through an internet browser. Then login to my BAEC in the normal manner and follow the path.

    Ignore links sent to you in familiar looking BA branded e-mails.

    Much, much more concerning and if it’s true, is the CVC breach mentioned by Gold-2K
    I can’t think of any circumstance that a company would retain your CVC number. Or even have the mechanics to do so.

    If BA has retained and then released this private number, than I’m afraid they are going to get hammered by the regulators. Quite possibly have their licence to take online payments revoked — It’s just not possible.

    it’s so unbelievable that a British company can be so reckless , I’m going to assume that the e-mail Gold”K received was a SPAM following on from the original breach, trying to SLAM him for further information to complete the circle.


    Ironic that immediately after this I have a blue ‘privacy settings’ bar across the bottom of FT page that doesn’t go away even w7hen settings are accepted and saved…..


    I too got this email from BA and thought the same….

    Click here, to take you there, to input further information about yourself.

    In addition, the address came from

    Immediately looked suspicious, but then I now see the monthly email, check in confirmations and so on all come from odd looking addresses.

    They got to sort this out.

    If this latest email is genuine then Cruz needs to get down the newsrooms NOW and make a statement to advise, then announce his resignation.


    My BA Amex was used fraudulently yesterday.

    One small transaction went through but several more larger ones were stopped by Amex and the use of their safekey which I got texts for.

    Impressed by Amex’s handling but am lucky that the hackers don’t seem to have my personal details.

    All should be vigilant as was told there has been an uptick in activity in recent days.

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    My BA Amex was also used fraudulently on 2nd Jan.

    Fortunately, I had a email with a safe-key code that was valid for only 10 minutes- so the online purchase was denied.

    I phoned Amex and after waiting 30 mins on hold, the matter was dealt with – my card was cancelled an a new one is on its way. While I was waiting to speak with someone, there was a second attempt – also denied as a result of the safe-key code!

    The person I spoke with at Amex said there had been a big increase in fraudulent activity over recent days.

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    I just received a call from Amex that my card has also been used fraudulently. No confirmation that it was BA related, and may have been Starwood.

    Was impressed by the efficiency of Amex, and will be even more impressed when the replacement arrives:-)

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    My BA Amex card was also fraudulently used, on New Year’s Eve. The on-line purchase for £140 was blocked and I too received an email with a safe-key valid for 10 minutes. I also received a follow-up email afterwards asking if this was a valid transaction, and when I clicked no, was asked to call them.

    I got through straight away ( at 10pm on New Year’s Eve ) and my card was cancelled, with the replacement card arriving on Friday. Yesterday I received a letter from Amex apologising for the inconvenience.

    I too was also impressed by the efficiency of Amex ( and long may they continue to sponsor Brighton & Hove Albion ! )


    Received an email from SPG (the law firm running the group action against BA).

    The airline is denying liability for the breach of personal data pending further investigation.

    It is obviously a negotiation stance as ultimately I don’t see how BA could escape its obvious responsibility.


    I was contacted by Amex today, two attempts were made to use my card this morning. Both blocked by Amex, card now cancelled and new one will be with me on Tuesday.


    My card has now been used following, presumably, the data breach. Phoned the retailer in Ireland who was able to confirm things from my card (after I noticed the transaction on my statement). Will now cancel my card with Amex, which I should have done at the time of the breach in August.


    2 attempts on my card on Wednesday, both for below £20 for Uber in USD the other in CND. Amex stopped them and contacted me to verify. They cancelled card and issued another one. Amex said it was probably a test run to see if the card still worked before trying a bigger hit. received my new card 24 hrs later


    My card has now been used following, presumably, the data breach. Phoned the retailer in Ireland who was able to confirm things from my card (after I noticed the transaction on my statement). Will now cancel my card with Amex, which I should have done at the time of the breach in August.

    I was lazy enough not to change my card … but it expired in December… 😬

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