BA crashes, leaves me in FRA….

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    Was just going to check in when it all went off – had no idea what was going on at first, just told that all flights into LHR cancelled.

    Called BA Exec Club, everything into all other airports booked out, rebooked on flight into City tomorrow (not trusting them to clear up the mess at LHR in less than 24 hours).

    Went back to the desk, asked what BA was offering for the delay – hotel? convenience pack? Answer: nothing. Eventually told they have a corporate rate at NH hotels, given a phone number – guess it’s something, but all a bit sink or swim.

    Now do I go & join in the sorrow-drowning in the bar? No, life & liver are much too short……

    Anyone had any better luck getting some TLC from BA?


    Sympathy and competence from any British airline also crashed with the companies themselves. We are left with BA run by “a wee irish jockey” who frankly astounds by every mistake he makes! How on earth did someone with such incompetence and lack of presence get the job of head of BA. Clearly the answer is because no-one else wanted it!
    It is not rocket science (pardon the pun) to run an airline – look at the inane grins of the Ryan Air fellow what ever his name is; the grinning tie-less bearded wonder who loves play station games and insists that his pasengers should too and greasy “Stelios”. They should really not be considered competition; those who fly with them……deserve to!
    BA need to ditch “the jockey” and get a businessman in to re-establish the routes which BA always used to run. Walsh is totally incompetent at running a service industry – someone should tell him that he is not running a family owned industrial cleaning company!!!


    I had to travel from Luxembourg to Banda Aceh (Indonesia) with one night stop-over in Kuala Lumpur
    KLM cancelled the first part LUX – Amsterdam and rerouted me through Paris CDG to Amsterdam. When arriving in Kuala Lumpur my two suitcases were missing.
    Three days later one arrived in Banda Aceh, 8 days later one is still missing.
    KLM received appropriate reports through their web-site, but no further communication.
    Since the missing suitcase contained several unreplaceable items like a photo documentation from early 2005 about the post-tsunami efforts by the Indonesian Red Cross I am very upset about the loss and the perceived lack of efforts by KLM.


    BA has gone to the DOGS since Willie Walsh took control,
    Customer Svce was thrown out of the window. Ba staff are the most arrogant airline staff in the entire industry, this stems from Walsh’s incompetentce and arrogance. He’ s reign has brought the airline 2 near strikes, price-fixing scandal & utter lack of customer service.
    Walsh is not competent to run a deli. How he got to BA after runing Aer lingus to the Ground is shocking. Its so bad Aer Lingus had to pull out of OneWorld


    For goodness sake have some sympathy for the passengers and crew who were involved in the crash. While I understand your frustration there are still people coming to terms with what happened. You were not traumatised by the event only inconvenienced, sorry, but get a life, we all travel regularly but I have never read such an insensitive comment.


    Absolutely agree with JefferyDavison; to post such a comment so soon after a potentially fatal crash is insensitive at the very least.

    Sadly, BA does not control government planning policy and cannot conjure up additional capacity at LHR instantly; the airport is at or over capacity and the slightest problem will create chaos. The was about as major as problems get and some understanding, patience and sympathy might possibly be in order.

    While the delays as a consequence of the crash were not (directly) of BA’s making, they do have a responsibility to keep you informed and get you to your destination as soon as reasonably possible. They may have fallen short of your expectations, but in such a situation information can be hard to come by, and some empathy would not seem unreasonable.

    Such a situation is not a licence to lavish you with compensation and provide “TLC”. I am sure there were others with similarly or even more pressing needs, returning to ill relatives, perhaps funerals or other serious matters, besides which one should put into context one’s own dissatisfaction.

    On the matter of Willie Walsh, as a shareholder and regular user of the service I am very happy with what he has done. You say yourself he has “nearly” had two strikes, and averting those strikes is quite an achievement in itself.

    He has cut out the unprofitable domestic routes to flybe, reduced corporate debt enabling investment in a terrific new fleet from 2009, eliminated the massive pensions deficit, invested in existing product bringing in AVOD and, a new FIRST is in the offing.

    T5 will transform the LHR experience and all while competing with heavly subsidised US and European carriers, at competitive prices and providing a largely consistent product and service.

    Impressive by anyone’s judgement, especially against the background of being almost bankrupt after 9/11 and massive oil price hikes.


    Thank You – at last someone with a little sense.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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