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  • rferguson

    BA is replacing the ‘special services’ team with a new group called the ‘Concorde Team’. These folk will be trained by the Dorchester and offer a ‘bespoke service’ to BA’s most valued customers.

    BA are also highlighting that the team will be recognisable by their new uniforms – supplied by M&S. How premium. What I would give for an emoji right now.


    ? will this do?! I wonder if the MnS uniforms will have the labels on the outside to promote MnS? After all, BA won’t be paying for them….
    As the new Concorde team are only going to look after very Premium pax, then I suppose BA can now get rid of the rest of the Special Services staff….more money savings!


    BAs continued use of the word ‘Concorde’ is just a sad reminder of times gone by. A once premium airline flying an amazing aircraft. Now serving cheese paninis in the slim-back Club Europe seats and selling drinks in economy. I’m surprised that when they retired Concorde they didn’t write ‘We’ve listened to our customers and found that they would prefer that their journey to New York take longer so as to enjoy more time flying with us’.


    I’ve always been amazed why BA haven’t made more use of the Concorde branding, apart from the Concorde Room. A new, innovative and fresh Concorde Class (either business or F or a combined class)..

    Mind you, that would probably mean a new seat….. (naa… that’s not BA…..scrap that idea)….



    In the 90’s and 00’s Special Services was a great plus, and staffed by some really delightful people who seemed to be able to work miracles.

    I recall the service started to be dismantled quietly in around 2007/2008, and the treatment of the individuals by the company at that time (as I had it described to me by some of them) was less than considerate.

    I have avoided flying BA wherever possible over the last 7 or so years, but am interested to learn how this new Concorde team will work in practice, where they will be deployed, and what their focus will be.


    I have experience of the Special Services Team at LAX and SFO. At LAX in particular they have been great, walking me through security to the lounge, early boarding of a/c. Feels like a personalised service.

    At LHR, I’ve never had any kind of personalised service. In fact when I checked into the soon to be renamed “M&S Simply Average” Concorde Room last week, I had to wait for the receptionist to put her Hello Magazine down to check in, and the lack of recognition and general sense of indifference continued through my visit to the lounge.

    Who actually gets “special services” at LHR? Just curious as I’m 3 months into my membership year and at just short of 5,000 tier points and this doesn’t seem to have triggered anything “bespoke” in the BA systems.


    Gold-2K, I hope that you are seriously looking at other choices for your travel, since BA is clearly neither recognizing your loyalty nor meeting your expectations.


    I Do travel with other airlines, just at the moment I’m doing routes where BA is the most viable / only direct option.

    And therein lies the problem I guess. No incentive for them to be better!


    Oh come on now. The Concorde team? Really? Are you kidding?
    What Concorde?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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