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    I was delighted to get an entry card at 5,000 TP’s and today, for the 1st time, I used the Concorde Room at LHR.

    Firstly, it was hot, in my opinion, way too hot but worse, I was very surprised at how dirty and scruffy it was………

    Chairs with filthy, dirty cushions & stained armrests, food on the floor etc.
    I sat in the ‘outside’ area & discovered a heap of nail clippings on the floor next to me – I moved somewhere else but the toenails remained!

    Hard to believe that any passenger, (let alone someone in 1st) would do such a thing – disgusting pigs – I wish I had seen who it was!!

    On the plus side, the service was excellent, & the food on offer equally good – I did not drink any of the wine or Champagne on offer. It was reasonably quiet and there was plenty of seating available.

    A simple suggestion for BA – Why don’t you cover up the filthy armrests with removable / washable covers? – it’s not brain surgery.

    I was so surprised at the general scruffiness that I took several photos and will be sending these to BA for their comments.

    Edited to add that the staff were lovely – if somewhat overworked today.
    Also edited to add – it was worse in the outside area. I used one of the cabins for a couple of hours for a conference call and a shower. It was better but the lounger chair smelled sweaty….


    I agree. It is looking rather tatty.

    I think someone on here mentioned that it was due a refurb in the near future, maybe as part of building a direct route from F check in.


    I’ve heard the same, HedgeFundFlyer.

    The Concorde Room looking ‘well-used’ but I’ve not noticed it being dirty. The staff, 98% of whom are terrific, are very good at clearing away dishes, glassware, etc. and they hoover with the most amazing backpack machine (that is almost silent) frequently. I’ve found they also wipe down the tables, bar, after they clear. I’ve been in many lounges that are far worse. Some of the furniture is scuffed and needs new cushions. Hopefully a refresh will be forthcoming soon.

    One thing I do from time to time (thanks to a suggestion on another website) is leave a tip, not every visit, but 1 out of 3. The staff are appreciative, and the service levels are consistently good. Positive encouragement…


    @seasonedtraveller – 30/06/2015 11:58 BST

    How unfortunate for the signature lounge to be in such a mess. Your comment reminded me of a flight to LAX I was on many years ago when a certain Hollywood A Lister (currently face of Nespresso) was in 1K, his manager in 1A, I was in 2K. What a delight when GC in 1K decided to pick and clip his toenails at his seat. Lovely.

    After that, nothing surprises me anymore. Disgusting and tasteless, but unfortunately as has been proven so many times money and privilege do not always equate to class or manners.

    BTW, on the same flight in 2A was Vijay Singh, and in 4K Danny DeVito.


    I am not sure the CCR has had any significant upgrading since it opened in 2008, which tells a story in itself.


    Welcome to BA’s lounge’s world !


    I always that that people who fly First are more civilized than the “average Joe or Jane”….another myth busted then. Having said this, thanks for sharing your observations with us @seasonedtraveller. Cheers and safe travels.


    Hi Seasonedtraveller,

    I read your post with interest as I am travelling in F to Boston on Saturday morning and so will be interested to see what the CCR is like as I have not been in it for a while.

    I will post again after my trip to let you know how it was.

    Safe travels to all.


    I was in the CCR at JFK last night and found it to be as outstanding as ever. Great service from some very pleasant and enthusiastic staff, really good food and wine, and spotless throughout.


    Having been fortunate enough to have an employer who paid for First Class travel around the world for many years, I can categorically say that while most FC travelers are just fine, some are pigs, which should probably come as no surprise, since wealth is often not accompanied by brains. Also I have found that in some rare cases those upgraded do not behave as they might be expected to.
    The Concorde Room is indeed looking shabby these days, but it does get a lot of not always gentle use and some of the furnishings were, with hindsight, perhaps not the best choices for such a public facility.
    Staff are generally good, though sometimes slow to spot a punter who needs serving. I still think t was ill-advised to have no self-serve options like the old CR in T4.
    All in all, a pretty good lounge, given its throughput.


    Cleanliness in BA lounges is never their finest moment. I regularly find myself complaining and/or writing in the comments book about the filthy cutlery and crockery out on the self-service counters in the first and business class lounges at LHR and LGW. Horrible!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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