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    I am due to fly Club World to SFO in a couple of weeks time and wondered whether all the recent hype about a reduction in the second meal service (speculation re this at the same time as meals disappearing in short haul flights in economy


    I was wondering about this as well For instance I do HKG twice a year and it is an 11 to 12 hour flight so after the dinner service is that it ? No breakfast ? Dont think Raid the Larder could cope with a full compliment of hungry Club PAX. It will be details like this that will either maintain BA’s business traffic or send them away in droves to other carriers open arms.


    i just flew the other day from LHR to Montreal. Though the flight was only 7 hours long, there was a full lunch service followed by a pre landing sandwich service with refreshments. This was in addition to the raid the larder service on the right hand service of the aircraft.

    Somehow i dont think BA is going to let its customers (regardless of the class) starve.


    I really don’t see any danger of starvation.

    Premium customers (hopefully the majority of those reading BT) are able to access the Terraces/Galleries and possibly First/Concorde lounge pre-departure where at LHR and JFK a full buffet hot meal service is offered, with champagne on request.

    At outstations, sandwiches and snacks are consistently avalaible, with pre-flight dining in several.

    On early morning arrival at JFK and LHR, Arrivals Lounges offer a full English breakfast, with table service for those in First. LGW offers a continental breakfast.

    On my last six hour outbound last week, I was offered Afternoon Tea pre-landing and breakfast (bacon roll and fruit plate – which I declined, preferring to sleep) just prior to landing on my return. Both flights were under seven hours.

    In addition to this, Raid the Larder is available throughout the flight, with fruit plates, sandwiches/wraps, snack size chocs and cakes and a range of soups which can be heated up by crew on request.

    This service will be increased in light of the reduction of a second meal service when and if (and this is a big IF) this new catering policy is actually intorduced.

    Anecdotal evidence suggests is is being applied only intermittently.


    Do note that the original and planned changes to Club World catering only applied to to flight sectors scheduled at under 10 hours. Accordingly, the HKG services will retain the pre-existing meal services to which you have are accustomed.

    Anecdotally however, a large number of regular British Airways passengers are reporting (across all routes and cabins) that they have yet to experience the heralded changes being put into effect, with the exception of the removal of the chocolate box selection from First Class.

    Oddly, it has now been officially announced, I believe, that the chocolate box has been re-instated, although a change of brand is in the offing.


    I do agree what my predecessors have written. I personally did not have the feeling of starving in a BA flight (For C class) in general. The second services till yet -have always been offered and the choices are good. When I often skip breakfast for a long sleep on board- I often eat breakfast at the Arrival Lounge or at the Terraces Lounges.

    They are sufficient by all means. About “Raid the Larder”– in my recent trips this year alone–half of it was a very dissappointing experience. Most of the snacks on the menue are out of stock or “raided”!! The crew just excuses themselves over it. What!!–have not they got sufficient amount of snacks for Club World pax. Or does some WTP pax raided the larder as well ?( be remind of the existing “First-WTP-Club World” configuration) Anyway, the addressed flight attendants often struggle to find something decent which comply to my needs. But there are cases where they just said blantly” no, out of stock!!” In such cases I often have a slight hint of hunger (not starvation yet!) and awaits impatiently my second service (mostly breakfast). One time in Club World, I have an urgent need for an Earl Grey–my flight attendant told me that she has to go all the way to First Class and get one especially for me! Well, as a person with manners- I thank her from my heart!! But frankly, why does she has to go to F class to get one. An Earl Grey tea bag??? Not in Club World available?? Is not this BRITISH AIRWAYS??? Do BA really think the Club World pax are not that distinctive–what, do we know only morning breakfast tea and coffee?? And especially for British pax – an Earl Grey is compulsory!! and in whatever class you sit! Shocking indeed!!!

    I am not a fan of teabags I hated them since childhood, but on flights you only get the “real tea” in First Class and by far not all First Class on the market really treat their British pax with a decent “tea”.

    Alright-I might be a bit of an exaggerate( for non British or Tea lovers) on this part. But sincerly a proper tea also belongs to Club World and definitely a British Club World pax do not what to know how struggling it is to get someone a “tea bag”


    Earl Grey may be your personal preference, but to me it is a tastless cup of perfume! Give me English Breakfast any day. I have to say and I think this has been made in another thread that it you always get a good cup of tea on BA.

    I would not be pleased to be served Earl Grey on a flight but I do agree that the option for it to be available in Club World is a must. I assume it must be available as an option if you ask.

    As for raid the larder, I have never found the need even on a 12-13 hour flight. I think that the F-WTP-J configuration is a recipy for WTP passengers to help themselves!


    Well NTarrant everyone has it’s taste!! I do not expect that everyone on board (British or not/Tea drinker or not) should drink Earl Grey. The point is the lack of availability in Club World for anyone who wants a cuppa. About the ” larder thing” , if it is obvious tha WTP pax helps themselves than the crew should have the decency to warn them that the larder is on first place for Club World pax. Or BA should bring more for all on board.


    As crew she was right to point out she had to go to First to get the Earl Grey. Its part of the First product not Club and we are told all the time not to dilute the product by fetching it from another class of travel. Of course we crew are naturally helpful and will get someone a tea bag (or whatever) especially if you have been very nice to us! But remember that we aren’t supposed to. Regarding the other changes nothing has happened so far and a light afternoon tea is still served. Shorthaul flights on the other hand I’m hearing offer very little during the day. Many of my colleagues have been abused on the longer euro flights by tired, hungry passengers. We can only give you what we have been loaded with!!


    Hi everyone!!

    Thank you badOLLY for refering to my post over the ” tea bag “. It is nice to know the reaction on the side of the crews. But I still have some questions.

    – why is an Earl Grey tea bag a First class product for BA ?. Other carriers consider it as a C class product. Then I state frankly BA should consider providing some Tea choices in C cabin.

    – in general BA crews are nice and attentive( just forget the small number of your colleagues who mess it up for the whole) but why get a premium paying C class pax a “tea bag” provided that he/she was nice to you or the crew??? I definitely think that this statement is highly unprofessional and only give premium pax on BA the impression that we(the pax) have to give the crew the outmost positive behaviour and impression to be served rightly or received any token of appreciation.

    Is it not the other way round???

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