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  • handbag

    I think DerekVH makes a very relevant point, and I’m surprised that it forms part of a uniform standard to have a person’s full name displayed prominently.
    In this day and age of face recognition software aligned to easy access to social media and its inherent risks, I’d have thought that BA would have a duty of care to protect its customer facing employees from the potential threat of deranged nutter’s who have disembarked into the wilderness of anonymity.
    I get that rferguson doesn’t mind sharing his full name, but I’d ask rferguson if he’d be happy to reveal his full name to the unknown loons he’s serving if his name was Chumba Wamba or Bobby Bordeaux or some other name, and no disrespect that is not as common as Ferguson.
    In my work place, customer facing employees are encouraged not to share their full name if it’s requested. Rather they share their employee id number and their first name. And our compliance officers absolutely agree with this approach.

    I have been working for BA for over 30 years and at one time it was a requirement to have both names, but as mentioned above this is no longer the case on WW. Until now I have never really thought about why I put both – partly habit and a little that I feel it is more proffessonal. I am not sure why I think this.

    I have a first name that is always shortened in personal life, but I always put it in full on badge. It always feels a bit too personal when someone uses my first name and they don’t know me. By using a name that no-one who actually knew me would use; except in a professional capacity, it feels more professional.

    I am fortunate in all these years I have never encountered any deranged nutters. I have over the years had numerous people ask for my name for either a compliment (mostly this) and (occasionally) for a complaint. I then simply tell them and show my badge for correct spelling.

    The chances are that rferguson is not the posters real name, in the same way that handbag is not mine 🙂 I would be very surprised if any Crew member were to put views on here and put their real name.


    I agree that preserving personal privacy is going to be a good part of this. After all, how many of us posting on this forum post under the identifier of RealFirstName, RealSurname?

    Indeed, one could well understand if the cabin crew go a stage further and travel under a “nom de plume” completely. There are many reasons for keeping one’s real name out of the workplace, ranging from sharing it with someone (in)famous (if you just happened to be called Jimmy Savile, a perfectly good name when your parents gave it to you, you might prefer to fly with a different moniker), to a name that others sneer at (and don’t tell me there isn’t snobbery about names), to simply a name you really don’t like much.


    Is ‘Baldrick’ still flying on the European routes at BA?


    Easy to find someone on social media if you have first and last name – I can understand why a move to first name only would be preferred by most staff.

    And this is why my employer suggests anonymising ourselves to an extent on social media. I’ve removed my surname in most places & replaced it with my middle name which works perfectly well as a surname, others use special characters in place of letters etc etc. It’s a shame but necessary.


    I like the Swiss/German approach – family name only. Nice and formal.

    ‘Guten morgen, vould you like ze beef or chicken?’. ‘Jawolh, Frau Braun, bitte das Hanchen.’

    Perhaps for some BA crew, it could be amended by adding rank? Unteroffizer, Oberoffizer, to work in harmony with the Stasi like attitude to providing service?

    Or they could have little stick on badges, like McDonald’s stars – except, I propose ‘rolling eyes’ instead of stars. ‘You want a glass of wine, in between services in Club? – cue rolling eyes and disbelief that you could be such a pig as to disturb their magazine reading.

    For mixed fleet, I’d suggest numbers, like policemen – e.g. CC432, because they all look the same to me and you know what they say about your time of life when the police look young 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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