BA bullying passengers?

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  • Charles-P

    StephenLondon – had the very same thing last year on an Etihad flight to Abu Dhabi where a family all wanted to sit together in Business and were very annoyed when people, myself included, refused to move to accommodate them. When I pointed out I was sitting next to a colleague and we had chosen these seats so we could work on the flight I was told I was “up myself” and that “my husband will soon move you”.

    I eagerly awaited said husband but he failed to make an appearance 🙂


    On a European shorthaul flight, I have absolutely zero problem when asked to swap seats…. as long as its aisle to aisle or window to window – will NEVER swop for a middle seat…

    A longhaul is very different – most regular passengers do have favourite seats, which are booked in advance. If a non status pax wants a certain seat, it can be booked, for a fee!!! If its that important to someone, and they don’t pay – then tough!

    When I am asked to move on a longhaul that’s very different and I don’t feel I need to justify why I wont move.

    When asked, I will very very politely return the question:

    “are you asking me to move or telling me to move”, no stupid grin, no smirk, just a direct question….

    There is generally never a follow up request.

    As a side issue, I was on a flight back from Frankfurt, was running about 90 minutes late and it parked on the stands needing a bus transfer to T5.

    I was in row 6, jumped up to get on the first bus and the senior cabin attendant said:

    “Sir, would you mind waiting for the second bus as the first bus is only for club passengers?”. I replied, very politely, again, with no silly grin or smirk

    “as you’ve asked the question my answer is, yes I do mind” – to which I just walked down the steps on got on the bus….

    …much to the annoyance of the passengers in row 7, who were all stopped from doing the same thing….


    To take a perhaps controversial view, an airline like any business must satisfy it’s most valuable and profitable customers first. For Nigel this was darn annoying, but ultimately a bigger silverback turned up and wanted 1k so smaller silverback was shifted. Annoying yes, infuriating yes, and BA should perhaps send you a token gift of apology, but ultimately if I was running BA, I would have been pretty cross if this had not happened and we lost a major customer. Also worth remembering that major customer may have been a BA shareholder, may have been CEO of a company that buys a lot of seats from BA for its staff. What could the cost of not complying have been, we, Nigel and BA may never know.


    @ IanMcIntosh – 16/06/2014 09:00 GMT

    Actually, I can deny that it is Lord Browne about who I am writing – I have never met him so have no idea how he conducts himself at check-in.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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