BA B787 Dreamliner – wings on upside down

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    I was told about this last week, but thought I’d wait to check it out for myself before posting.

    In BA’s Highlife Shop duty free magazine (March/April 2009) they’ve managed to put the wings on upside down on a model of the B787 Dreamliner in BA livery.

    It looks very strange, and the Gold Card guy who told me about it said he spent a long time staring at the picture trying to work out what was wrong with it, which is worrying, because there aren’t many aircraft with the jets above the wings rather than below.

    I suppose the photographer was confused.

    Either that, or they’ve actually made the model that way.

    If they have, I’m definitely buying one.

    (There are different editions of this brochure, but if you find one that says “50 New Exciting Products” on the cover, it’s on page 92). If it says “40 Exciting New Products”, then it’s on page 6 of the one I’m looking at, though there are so many different covers I’m not sure it’s in every edition).


    Post a picture please?


    why is the “gold card guy” reference required? Does that make it more legitimate?

    Business Traveller replies:

    One of our writers has flown with BA in the last few days, and we can confirm that this image is indeed in the March / April edition of Highlife Shop – see the link below for a scanned copy of the page.


    Re the B 787 wings ……Dont know about the rest of you but i think it looks better this way around ……… and if BA sales team have managed to do it maybe Boeing can too !!!!!!!!


    If only Boeing had realised they were putting the wings on the wrong way round all this time – maybe there wouldn’t have been such delays in launching the aircraft…


    It just appeared that way in that particular image.

    Still sort of looks the same if you look at the current version of the model –


    Fantastic spot. It looks like someone has just superimposed the wings on the wrong side of the wings. Perhaps they used a graphic designer who isn’t familiar with jet engineering or maybe they just live under a rock.

    Can anyway familiar with the workings of aircraft engines confirm but I don’t think it would actually be possible to take off with the engines above the wings. Would it make uplift upon take off impossible or is there more to it?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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