BA and their old banger 747-400s

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    A particularly rubbish journey yesterday in F in a totally dilapidated cabin. Good crew and wine but mediocre food and an awful, awful seat with bits of duct tape hanging off and a video screen that looked like something one would find in a North Korean 3 star hotel.

    I know BA have at least five new long haul planes arriving this year (3 A380s plus 2 777-300s)

    Does anybody know if these dreadful old rust bucket a747-400s are going to be retired soon?

    I gather there are only 12 of them with old F and no AVOD. Surely they must be destined for the knacker’s yard soon?


    “…….we are testing the use of duct tape as an enhancement to our decor. Without it the tears, stains and general grubbiness would be a lot more visible.”


    Don’t disagree they are knackered and I for one was mightily annoyed that the LHR-BOM route got swapped from 777-300ERs to 747-400s for December this year, but a small fact check: all BA long haul aircraft have AVOD.

    Whether they work (the old 12 channel loop system was the ‘fall back’ should AVOD fail) is another issue.


    On my last flight BOM-LHR I was in a 777, and was on a 12-programme loop system. Deeply unimpressed. Although given the lack of choice I did end up watching a film which I would otherwise have skipped but which I really enjoyed

    Still unimpressive, though…


    BA recently announced that they are getting one new long haul aircraft every 2 weeks, on average, for the next 12 months.


    I am booked to DEL in F on 18 Dec
    showing 777, if its an old banger I may cancel as I am now feeling rather laboured.


    I was in old first to DFW a couple of months ago and the CSD told me this particular plane was first to be retired, although not until November this year!!!!

    I am in F heading to Mexico City in October and expecting to be experiencing BA Mexican shabby chic as this is not one of the prime business routes. Hope the Tequila is good.

    Just before BA retred the 100 and 200 series the crew started referring to them as 747 “classics” …… By which of course they meant “very very old”.

    Perhaps it’s time for them to come up with an alternative name for these old workhorses, such as 747-Geriatric ????


    BA should have replaced their aging 744 with the 748i long time ago !!!


    FirstTraveller – 15/08/2013 10:01 GMT : BA should have replaced their aging 744 with the 748i long time ago !!!

    That would have been rather challenging, with the maiden flight having taken place less than 2.5 years ago, and deliveries only having started last year…

    And interestingly, the launch customer – Lufthansa – has already announced it is going to retire the 748i…


    All BA 777 have new First.
    The 777 currently on the DEL are the refurbished ones with
    the brand new Thales entertainment system.


    The 100 and 200 series were christened “Classics” when the 400 series joined the fleet.

    Geriatric, antique, chronologically challenged………………..


    I’m looking at September 1st YYZ-LHR BA 787 inaugural. Seats still available, although club class.


    It was great when Moscow was put on the long haul roster and 747-400 with IFE system was much better than a cramped Aeroflot A320.

    But now BA are substituting short haul config 767’s on the route there are some extremely unhappy customers who have paid top notch business class prices for a very inferior experience.

    All the crew can do is say the “plane was substituted due to technical problems” (wears a bit thin when it happens all the time) and “complain to BA” and hopefully you’ll get compensation…..They shouldn’t be put in such a situation.



    “Geriatric, antique, chronologically challenged” …. Hey speak for yourself! ! LOL! 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 137 total)
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