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  • Gold-2K

    I cant believe I am the only person experiencing this, but maybe………

    I travel to the US a lot on BA and of course I have to enter advanced passenger info into the booking. Passport details and Global Entry number are saved in my Exec club profile, but I need to enter US address (which obviously varies each visit) and US Visa number each time. Problem is I enter the info and save it, booking says information complete and I get an email saying it’s been entered. If I go back in to the booking immediately it shows as complete.

    However when I go back in 24hrs later the data is missing and I have to re-enter the information. This happens on every US booking I have with BA. Ive just had a reminder to enter info for a flight I have next week, but seems to be little point in doing it before check-in as its never saved correctly.

    Ive mentioned this at check-in and to an agent on the GGL line and all I get is “never heard that before but it doesn’t surprise me, our systems are rubbish” …….. or words to that effect

    Do others have the same problem?


    On a similar note, I received a new British passport in January. On the three bookings that I have made with British Airways, every time I try to check in, I am told that there is an error. It is because my personal details on the Executive Club still show my old passport details.

    I have tried clearing the saved information without success. Editing my passport information and saving the new details also fails.

    Check in staff at T5 have told me that there is a problem, and I reply, ‘so long as there are no problems with the aircraft’.


    Although I haven’t flown BA for 18 months, my passport details had to be reentered for each flight – as I have to do on Air Malta and Finnair, where I am a member of their exec programme.

    Nick Pike

    Yes, I get that- but only sometimes. Indeed, I think someone posted on this subject a few months ago and I replied saying i had had the same issue. Since then, however, it has worked fine..


    I had the same problem as Gold-2k last year with BA and Iberia. I’d input everything and then when I went back in to check all info had disappeared and I was asked to input again. I eventually gave up and had no problems at check in.


    I called the Exec club and was told the problem was probably because flight was booked through my company travel agent. The agent entered the information for me and 24hrs later its showing.

    Not sure why making a reservation through an agent should make a difference to ability to add advanced passenger information, but thats all they offered. Blah blah!!


    I’ve wondered the same thing but more importantly why does BA ask for so much more advanced passenger info than other UK airlines. For example the last time I flew to Seattle on Virgin (last Nov)I hardly had to provide any info. The cynic in me says it’s so the hackers can get more info on you the next time BA gets hacked. For my trip back to the UK next month I didn’t have to complete the passport no again but visa and my home U.S. address has to go in every time on BA regardless of whether you book direct or not.


    I find that the same happens to me when I am flying with American Airlines, Iberia, Qatar Airways and Royal Jordanian. In my case, I think it has to do with the transfer of personal data to/from these airlines. It can get really messy fast – Iberia is the worst. Websites are generally more predictable than apps in my experience. App refuses to issue boarding pass, go to the website, done.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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