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    British Airways have just announced that the A380 will fly to Singapore 3 times a week from 28 October 2014.


    So its a more modern aircraft, but is there really a BIG difference for the passengers. Its just another airplane with nothing that really stands out…… or is there anything that stands out………………. in the A380????


    Air France stopped deploying its own A380 to Singapore last year.

    In my honest opinion, the A380 brings more comfort to the passenger. Not necessarily in terms of space (although sometimes it is true, I have no idea how BA furnished the passenger cabin on their A380) but definitely in terms of noise.

    If you compare with the B777 there is no comparison. I’m sure it’s the same with the B747 (haven’t flown it in years so hard to compare).


    > Its just another airplane with nothing that really stands out…… or is there anything that stands out………………. in the A380????

    I just flew LHR to HKG in Club World, upper deck, window seat, on the BA A380. I found it better than the 747: [1] definitely a quieter plane, I could hardly hear the engines, [2] I noticed better air quality, [3] there were some small but welcome improvements around the seat, [4] it’s a brand spanking new plane, which is not the case with the increasing tired and grubby BA 747s.


    I’ve just arrived in FRA from JNB with the 380 and u can only say “wow”. Amazing. I was in First and the bed was so comfortable and the size of the bathroom, complete with urinal. Never seen one if those in a plane before!


    EK’s forward cabin is the best “Y” flight I’ve had in ages!

    I’m crossing topics here, but could this be another clue to the future of seeing BA in Oz!

    And since they will be going head to head with SQ who will offer the best value for money?


    Reading all the favourable comments here makes me think that if and when Emirates brings its A380 into GLA (on a regular basis) then it will prove to be a hit with Scottish travellers.


    This thread I thought was about the BA A380, not the competitors!!

    It is generally accepted that BA are the only airline to use old seating in the new Airbus for its premium passengers….


    It’s quieter, better cabin air, and generally new, apart from that it’s nothing to get excited about unless you’re an airplane geek, which I admit I am!.


    Martyn you are absolutely right, they have so missed a trick here. The offering is old and outclassed from most competitors now even AA which about sums it up in my opinion.

    Have flown the 380 on a number of occasions with different carriers, EK, SQ, QY, and each offering is so much better than their previous on other aircraft, I just don’t understand why BA didn’t do the same thing with such a great aircraft.


    Hi k1ngston

    The answer to your above question about BA is 2 fold, and depends on your outlook.

    IMO BA’s management is definitely risk averse; success can be measured by the bottom line results, and you don’t jeopardise by spending money and implementing innovative products.

    It doesn’t surprise me that they are choosing Singapore; again they are followers rather than leaders. And to me it’s about trying to catch up and win back market share from SQ!

    Reactive rather than proactive = missed opportunities

    Personally, I would have liked to see BA send their 380 to YVR or SEA,

    On the other side of the coin, if you’re a shareholder seeking short term dividends, this strategy is a definate winner.


    Here’s a piece we’ve just posted re BA’s A380 heading for Singapore.


    It was the A380 which was delivered late, rather than BA not revealing new seating for its debut. The new cabins were installed in BA’s interim subfleet of 777-300ERs because of airbus’s delays.

    Other airlines did the same, I believe.

    Would it have made all the difference if BA had installed the old cabins on its 777-300ER? I think not.

    Just as was the case with the 777-300ERs, the A380 features:

    1. A completely new Premium Economy cabin

    2. A completely new World Traveller (economy) cabin

    3. A completely new First cabin, with additional A380 tweaks

    4. A Club World cabin which benefits from some minor tweaks, itself having been redesigned just three years prior to the A380 introduction by BA.

    I’d like to see some evidence from canucklad that BA has lost market share (or more importantly profitability) to SQ on the SIN route. I doubt there’s any evidence for the inference that BA has lost market share on that route; it’s just armchair speculation.

    The focus on profits is driving the massive £5bn investment BA is making in its new fleet, new cabins, and other innovations.

    It is absolutely right that focus is maintained on costs and profitability – that is, after all, the essence of why BA exists.

    The only factors which should determine where BA flies its new A380s are economic, and BA seems rightly to be focussing on its higher margin longest haul routes as a priority Hong Kong, LA, Johannesburg and Singapore.

    Looks like we should expect San Francisco, Washington DC (until the terminal BA uses at MIA is ready for the A380) and possibly another Far Eastern destination as future ports of call.


    Martyn & Kingston – yes the BA Club product is dated and many airlines used the opportunity to take a leap forward but in many cases they were playing catch up to BA’s previously superior ‘fully flat’ product.

    However to say they are the only airline to use ‘old seating’ would be to neglect the most hideous Business Class on the A380 – Lufthansa.

    Are BA victims of the success of the Ying Yang product as its incredibly productive real estate wise and still competitive? I much prefer it to the new narrow ‘lie flat’ products however the aisle access will be what condemns it.

    With SQ, the Business Class product on the 777-300ER is more spacious than on the A380. Okay it is noisier with drier air but I much prefer its more exclusive feel over the battery hen effect of the upper deck A380.

    I think BA on the A380, with its Club seating over 2 floors have again shown some flair as it brings a degree of exclusiveness and others have said the middle seat on the upper deck is the new Row 64 of the 744.

    Having said that I’d still choose SQ over BA on this route.

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