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    I’m a 747 row 62 girl but I’m due my first time (eek!) on the A380, (BA to JNB) and I would appreciate any views on the good/not so good seats in Club. I’m aware of Seat Guru and the like but there’s nothing like personal experiences to inform decisions. I have read that upstairs is preferable?



    If you’re an upper deck girl then make sure you select rows 50-53. The rear Club cabin is extremely annoying as you will have to endure the Econ+ and Econ customers making their way to their seat at the back,. It was about 15 minutes before a crew member could approach me in my seat.



    upper deck window seat so you get a storage bin albeit a little smaller than on the upper deck 747. Last row of the front cabin (row 53) will give you unrestricted aisle access just like rows 62 and 64 on the upper deck 747 …… but you will be close to the galley, so possibly a trade off! I didn’t find it to be a problem. Washrooms are at the front of this cabin (and they are large) so no disturbance from there.

    I have been told to avoid row 59 due to proximity of WTP cabin, in fact with the staggered nature of the cabin divider, if you are lying flat in 59 A, C, J or K your head or your feet are almost level with the centre seats on the first row of WTP. Definitley one to AVOID !!!



    Unfortunatly there are no good Club seats on a BA 380, not like Emirates, Singapore Thai etc, even China Southern have a better seating config than BA, whoever thought the BA one up should be shot.


    Tom Otley
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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