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    Edited at 10:40GMT Thursday 22nd September to add:

    A YouTube playlist has been uploaded which features the new ‘Aviators’ ad itself, plus….

    The Making of Aviators.
    To Fly. To Serve.
    People And Planes.
    Uniform History.
    90 Years Of Fashion.
    Aviators – The Trailer.


    Original post:

    Highly likely that at least some of this footage is going to appear in the new British Airways television advert premiering on Wednesday 21st September.

    I have to admit that I love the vintage style……

    We’ll be attending a preview of BA’s new ad campaign on Tuesday September 20 and will publish a report after the event (or as soon as any embargo allows).

    The ad is set to be premiered on the carrier’s facebook page at 1100 GMT on Wednesday September 21:


    This looks like a terrific campaign and one which focusses on BA’s tremendous history as a pioneer of aviation, and an airline which continues to innovate today.


    Staff are apparently seeing the ad today (Monday 19th) ahead of the press launch tomorrow and public airing on Wednesday. In the meantime, BA have posted a new video, entitled ’90 Years of Fashion’:


    “This looks like a terrific campaign and one which focusses on BA’s tremendous history as a pioneer of aviation, and an airline which continues to innovate today.”

    VK, I hate to point this out, but the ‘pioneer’ British Airways of the 1930s is not the same British Airways as we have today, which became operational about 40 years ago.

    BA (or the brand known as BA) is the result of nationalization and the meger of BOAC and BEA – hint, BASSA behaves like a public sector union, because it was a public sector union until just over 20 years ago.

    But I have to agree, playing ‘dirty tricks’ on Virgin was a great way to innovate.


    Lets get the build up going, here is a classical one,


    Let’s get classic. Love this one…

    BOAC 1960’s style innovation…

    or this one which sounds like a wind up… or Harry Potter …

    Here’s a preview of the ad, along with details of new in-flight initiatives including a choice of Club World meals in World Traveller Plus:


    Just saw the new add on Facebook and yes, I found it most enjoyable!


    Tom Otley

    I think it’s an excellent advert – incredible to see the amount of detail that went the authenticity of the clothes, aircraft etc… the CGI is impressive, as well.

    It was made clear at the briefing afterwards that this is the first of several adverts – this was in response to a couple of comments that
    (a) there weren’t many women in the advert and
    (b) there wasn’t much interaction with the passengers – ie: the advert seemed to be more about the flying than the serving.

    I’m sure with the Olympics coming up we can see a similar style of advert (ie: different ages) being produced.

    Hopefully some good publicity for two of the locations as well.
    of course is well known, but perhaps the marvellous Shuttleworth Collection less so.


    I think it’s beautifully shot, a respectful nod to the past while embracing the future, a clear focus on BA’s much maligned staff and a clear “line in the sand” from which to build the future.

    I agree it would be good to see more of the contemporary BA, and the actual services offered (such as the inside of the aircraft, lounges), and more on BA’s global footprint, which is a real selling point.

    But it’s a good start, and compared to the p*sspoor “Sydney” ad and the OrangeTastic CloudyDolphin Low Cost campaign, I think BA have finally found a media partner which “gets” the brand.

    Let’s hope they build on this.

    The supporting print ads are very impressive, too.


    Interesting, I think the siteadministrator commenst are apt.

    1. I have had several flight deck announcements made by female pilots and seen non caucasian flight deck crew but the commercial shows only White males. Whilst this is historically accurate I would have thought the contemporary scenes would reflect some diversity. I do not thnk this commercial will go down well in USA.
    2. This commerical is the To Fly. We wait fort he next one to see To serve. (I will be interested in who they choose to serve, Passengers, Corporate Travel Departments or shareholders etc…). No shots here of customer service, check in, in flight service, baggage handling, food preparation, maintenance, etc.
    3. Interesting given the posts we have had about travel in the past being more glamorous and higher standards, that the commerical focuses on the past and we do not see any reference to the future in next gen airliners or as stated before increased diversity in Crew and Pax.


    A tour de force…superb ad, simply superb. This is BA marketing at it best and will be a real hit. I can see the awards “flying “in

    Agree this is the “To Fly” bit…..We await the “To Serve” bit…..and that is the risk to BA. Promising much and delivering little.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 115 total)
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