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    I live and work in the Caribbean in Kingston Jamaica and therefore use the BA service from LGW to KIN often! As some of you may remember I stopped using BA for many years having lived in SE Asia there was no acceptable routing that was offered and spent most of my time with EK.

    I have in the last 3 month gone to the cusp of Gold with BA using AA a lot when travelling out of KIN to most destinations.

    Last night I was on the 2262 service from KIN in WTP and have a few observations that perhaps BA should consider.

    1. The screens are rubbish, small postage stamp viewing with limited VOD, has anyone bothered to look at the IFE you get in EK, SQ, etc with wide screen and 100’s of choices?

    2. The breakfast frankly is an absolute disgrace! For the cost of the ticket BA has no competition on the route and therefore the fare is hugely expensive I got given a bag with a yoghurt and a muffin!! When I asked the Stewardess who was really lovely she was embarrassed and suggested I write to BA and complain ( I did this last time with absolutely no response BA) again have the powers that be at BA travelled recently on their competition and seen how superior all services are?

    The Worlds Favourite Airline is more like a a joke now, even your staff are embarrassed!!!


    “The Worlds Favourite Airline is more like a a joke now, even your staff are embarrassed!!!”

    Yeah, but they’re making LOADSA MONEY, LOADSA MONEY, LOOK AT THEIR WAD.

    At least they can spell breakfast. International proved beyond them on my last booking.


    Simon I have every sympathy with you but instead of complaining why don’t you just realise that you are doing your bit to make sure that Willie gets another fat bonus this year? You should be glad to help the l***l* t****r grow ever richer while he demoralises the crews and staff, cuts standards of service to unacceptable levels, arranges for slop to be served in the lounges and ensures that what was once the world’s favourite airline is now the world’s biggest joke.

    In fact, I think you should write in and offer to pay more for your fare!


    Whilst I totally agree with you both unfortunately KIN-LGW is the most convenient route, hence the high price slop we are given. I am sure if there was competition we would have a better service and then I could express my choice and fly with another airline!

    The alternative for me is AA to Miami and then possibly a 2-2.5 hour wait to go through the immigration nightmare and then either VS or AA to Heathrow whereby I could circle for 45 mins and then get stuck on the M25 going back to Sussex where I have a home!

    The point I was making is that there is little choice and is why WW gets away with the slop he calls a service, and yes I feel sorry for the staff as generally they are excellent.

    Who knows one day VS will resume their service to KIN and I could fly with them in the meantime its B(loody) A(wful) the whole way!!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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