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    I think any loco that runs on time, deals with passengers fairly, has decent pricing and doesn’t heard passengers like cattle (and bags arrive) – will get 5 stars. The ‘unloving’ generally starts when things go wrong and the company seem unable to put things right without going into meltdown. The OP’s story in the thread is a prime example.

    One of the first areas of discontentment for me (and I have only flown Vueling once – & thankfully the return flight was cancelled and I was rerouted on BA) , was having a BA flight number on my boarding pass, was refused entry into the BA lounge…

    Irritating, isn’t it?

    Lounge access on Vueling falls foul of this rule

    We have over 30 dedicated British Airways departure lounges and more than 100 additional partner lounges worldwide for you to experience. You can use them if you are:

    a Silver or Gold Member* of the British Airways Executive Club on a scheduled flight operated by British Airways or one of our oneworld® partners

    Despite the BA codeshare, Vueling is not a oneworld partner – I understand some lounges will admit GCHs (which must be galling for SCH), but one would have thought that IAG would have resolved this to recognise their own elite levels buying (often more expensive) codeshares.


    I have flown Vueling many times, and have found them to be a decent low cost airline. Pleasant crew, OK seats and decent-enough paid-for optional frills for business travellers at the front of the plane, if required.

    When I fly with Vueling I board the plane with the expectation of finding a LCC, not a BA alternative, and with this mindset have never been disappointed.


    I flew Vueling a couple of years ago. For a one hour flight it was bearable, but the outstanding memory is how cramped the seats were, and I spent the entire flight with my knees pressed against the seat in front. I am 5ft 11 so not particularly tall……


    FDOS: I have fallen foul of this rule too. I flew London to Kirkwall, the first leg on a BA flight and in a BA plane to Edinburgh, the second on a BA ticket and with a BA flight number on my boarding card, but in a Loganair plane. And Loganair are code-share not oneworld partner.

    Interestingly, I was allowed into the lounge in Edinburgh as a gold card holder (which the strict rules suggest I shouldn’t have been), but I was not able to bring my wife in as a guest. Another level of cheeseparing altogether – allowing part of the GCH privilege (entry into the lounge even when flying economy) but not another part (ability to take a guest). Not even the lounge clerk could explain that, repeating blindly “I don’t make the rules”. And, as we all know, the BA management no longer allows their front-line customer staff to use common sense to bend them, even ever so slightly.

    In this case the transit time was really too short to kick up much of a fuss. I did go in, merely to leave a comment in the guest book that I did not understand the economic justification of letting me in and not my wife – total saving to BA, one cup of coffee max. Total cost, one very cross Gold card holder.

    I got a reply about three weeks later from “customer service” explaining the rule once again (but not of course attempting to justify it) and saying that they were “glad I had enjoyed my experience on BA”. ????? Where do the people who write such rubbish come from?


    I don’t know if this has changed, but last summer I purchased an Excellence fare which guarantees a free middle seat (not true), a free drink and sandwich (true), and lounge access at BCN (true)…even without status.

    The journey turned out to be a nightmare and needless to say I haven’t been vueling since!

    Biz Traveler NYC

    Yes, nothing new with Vueling so far! Our corporate company discontinued and stopped to send our employees (biz travelers) to fly on this airline Vueling at all.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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