AVIS Reservations Bad Customer Service.. sign of things to come.

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    I tried to make an online reservation for a car in Muscat,Oman with my Preferred Card. It was saying that it could not match my details. I was unsure as to why so I called Avis and was put through to reservations. I tried to set up another preferred account via the BA website but it said my email address was already in use. I used an alternative email that I rarely use as I could not see a way to reset password it identify a profile with forgotten details.

    I went through to the reservations department looking for what I thought would be a perfectly reasonably request for assistance in locating Preferred accounts and to avoid unnecessary duplication..

    I called at approximately 6pm on a Friday evening. The agent told me he could not answer my questions he could only make reservations. He did however, locate my new profile from my card details but said I would need to call customer services for profile details. I asked if he could search for profile details in any other way. He said that he couldnt.

    I spoke to a very arrogant, brash and cocky male agent who almost told me that if I wasn’t going to make a reservation I would have to go.

    I explained that I was looking for some help when making my reservation and was that unreasonable and he reiterated in a condescending way that he was reservations only and laughed at me in a condescending manner.

    I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor and I was told that there were none there. I don’t believe for a moment that this would be the case, even at 6pm on a Friday evening, though it could explain the the unprofessional way of the contact centre was run I asked who the most senior person was and was told that it was him., with another condescening laugh.

    I asked again if there was a team leader available and miraculously someone came on. Listened to my concerns and was told that she would get the team leader of the individual concerned to contact me. A call lasting 32 minutes left me feeling very frustrated and still with no car booking.

    True enough the team leader contacted me, offered to liaise with the relevant department to get my profiles sorted and advised me that she would be deal with the individual. I said that was OK but was not happy at the expense (almost £14 incl VAT) of phoning an 0844 number from my mobile. I was told I needed to speak to Customer Services.

    I called Customer Services and was told I needed to speak to reservations so I called back and spoke to another team leader and he advised me he could deal with the reservation but could not cover my costs. He advised me that it *might* be possible after the reservation to sort someithing out but he could not guarantee anything. He said he would get his manager to call me back although this was a few days ago.

    This is the first time that I have hired a car for 6 years although previously hired 40-50 a year with Avis when I was based overseas and always travelling. I have only ever used Avis as it was linked to the Diamond Club.

    Are my expectations too high or are we just seen as cash cows to the companies concerned (and indeed maybe the agents on commission) with customer service going out of the window.

    I am in two minds as to use Avis after this experience but I don’t know Hertz . What do people think. Have I just come across 2 particularly bad Avis employees or is this rental just going to end in tears ?


    I moved from Avis to Hertz several years ago after a couple of less than satisfactory experiences and, on the whole, I find them to be very good (not excellent).
    They have generally tried to help when issues have arisen – This might be because I hold Presidents Circle Status, I don’t know.
    You can join their ‘Gold’ programme online which works in a similar way to Avis preferred.
    Good luck


    Hi John
    I do know Avis UK are trying to find a way of contacting you just from the info here but not having uch luck, unless they already have spoken to you? Is there some way of contacting you without having your details displayed here?
    If you use twitter you could request to follow me: @pipreynolds We could then Direct Message?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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