Asiana Flight 214 Crashes at SFO

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    There’s breaking news about Asiana flight 214 from Incheon crashing at SFO.

    Thankfully there don’t seem to be have been any deaths but there are serious injuries.

    SFO currently closed.



    Seems two people may have died. It’s amazing seeing the photos that there were not more fatalities. It’s also amazing that there was not more damage to the plane, though if reports on fatalities are true, then it will be the first time there have been fatalities due to an accident on the 777.


    Very sad and thoughts are with the victims which may be far higher than 2. Possibly over 60 dead.

    What I find very disturbing is the pictures which show passengers with hand bags on the ground running from the aircraft. One women has a wheelie bag!

    How many additional victims are there because of this utter selfishness and stupidity.

    Airlines really need to get a grip on hand baggage reducing it markedly.

    Almost every incident in recent months shows people escaping aircraft with bags.


    There are some apparent similarities to BA38 (although I doubt the root cause is the same) and it just goes to show what a tough airframe the 777 has.

    The aerial views of the debris field suggest that the aircraft landed on or about the physical end of the runway (where it meets the sea) and that the impact of hitting the small berm there took off the empennage.

    Whilst two deaths is two too many, this could have been so much worse.

    The investigation will identify the cause, no doubt.

    As a matter of fact and not speculation, there is ongoing work at SFO currently on the ILS system.


    pdtraveller – 06/07/2013 23:28 GMT

    Could not agree with you more!


    I guess events like this should serve to remind us that flight crew don’t spend 6 – 8 weeks learning how to escort you to your seat, address you by name, pour your champagne, remove cling-film from your sandwiches, collect your trash or yell at you to turn off your iPhone for the fifth… This is when their real training kicks in.




    From the pictures I have seen, I can’t see the left engine anywhere, either on the aircraft or on the airfield.


    Im not sure whether this should be posted or not – if BT feel it should be removed, I will understand.

    It was filmed from quite a distance…

    I don’t see any reason to remove it Martyn.

    As Tom commented above, it is clear that the CC did the necessary and we should never forget that. It’s one of those situations you think it will never happen to me, but life has a funny habit of throwing up the unexpected.


    I hate to be the dissenting voice about the great job the CC did, but I saw photos of people running away clutching hand luggage and even a roller case.

    Given that people act irrationally, I’m not blaming the CC for this, but equally find it difficult to see how they can be heavily praised when the evacuation was slowed by this behaviour and the CC were apparently unable to prevent it.


    I would think that once an aircraft is being evacuated, entering into an argument about whether a passenger can carry their hand luggage is best avoided unless it is preventing evacuation.

    Human instinct would be to get out as quick as possible. A holdall full of cash or diamonds is likely to held tightly by the owner.


    My condolences to all.


    Bullfrog – 08/07/2013 05:21 GMT

    I see your point, but there should be no discussion/argument, the crew are issuing commands that need to be obeyed.

    When I see a evacuating passenger with a roller suitcase, it makes my blood run cold.

    By the way, some pax evacuating the BA airborne return after the cowl incidents also took hand luggage, so this is not a pop at Asiana alone, but the whole safety certification of airliners is based on getting everyone out in 90 seconds (IIRC), this does not factor in taking possessions.

    My point is simply that you cannot praise CC for a great job, when the pax took luggage with them.

    Maybe the rule is unenforceable, but if that is the case, it challenges the basis of aircraft certification, which is concerning.

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