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  • Kopite

    Has anyone applied for a British Passport whilst living ‘abroad’ in the last 6-12 months ?

    I live permanently in Singapore and last applied 9 years ago for a new British Passport and on my annual trip to UK I paid extra for same day processing and collection, driving to the passport office in Peterborough to collect it. All was quite easy.

    What about the current situation mid Covid19 has anyone applied via the 2 way courier route and how was the overall experience?

    No Name

    Yes – Absolutely no problems at all from Japan. Several of us in the office have done it this year – Including a two applications for ‘new’ passports for newborns. Renewals were all quick. After form/photo upload and sent back to UK by Fedex, took about 2 weeks for the new passports to arrive. Blue ones have been appearing.


    Things have defiantly moved on since your last renewal!
    I renewed my UK passport early last year via the internet.
    All was very easy and fast my old passport, that had not expired was not needed.
    The new passport was sent to my Hong Kong address almost immediately after payment and took just a week by registered mail.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and seamlessness of the process.


    My daughter renewed her passport three months back here in Hong Kong.

    She applied & paid the fees online, sent the original passport plus the signed application by registered mail. We got a receipt acknowledgement in about three weeks. A further fortnight later we received an email asking to upload proof of current address, which we did.

    That was it, and the new blue passport along with the previous burgundy one were received by courier at our Hong Kong address. The whole process took about six weeks.

    Cwoodward above was far more efficient, and in my daughter’s case her previous passport was needed.


    They really have got their act together – after many renewals done in the US, my last was here in the UK and it was just days for me to get the new one. They do appear to have made the most of new technologies.



    Yes, I renewed my extra sized p/p (being absolutely full with 2 years still to run) at back end of last year in Finland.
    I applied on line and posted the old p/p on 28/10. You are kept abreast of the situation via many and varied SMS messages.
    The new p/p was couriered by DHL back to me on 24/11.
    I called them in UK to ask where the old p/p was (it had/has valid visas still inside), and they informed that there is a week to 10 days delay between the two.
    Indeed the old p/p was couriered and received 03/12

    All in all it works perfectly – do not worry – all I did, as an extra precaution was to register the original p/p when posted to the UK, but one could courier it if one doesn’t trust the postal system at one’s location.

    Even the photo one sends electronically on line, although again as a safety factor, I sent 2 original photos for them to use if they wished with the old p/p.

    There you go – good luck, and just a reminder —- ITS NOW BLUE!!


    My Wife had to apply last month. She applied online first, with a digital photo, and had a copy of her existing passport notarised as you are supposed to have proof of identity at all times in Portugal. She traced progress and sent the old passport back by recorded delivery. About 2 weeks later her new one arrived by DHL, and another week and her old one arrived, also by DHL.

    Very efficient!


    I was extremely impressed with the ease and speed of renewal of my passport, from applying online to receiving my new passport in Hong Kong was 12 days, old passport arrived a day later.


    Good Morning from Canada,

    This question has arisen at an opportune time for us and I am just wondering if the multitude of experts on here can offer some advice.

    My wife and I live in Canada – in a remote city in Northern Ontario. We both hold expired British Passports.

    My wife is 75 years old, holds a full British Citizen Passport, despite having been born in Hong Kong BCC in 1945.

    I am 80 years old, hold a British Subject Passport with full right of abode in the UK, having lived and worked in the UK for part of the 50s and 60s, despite being born in Dublin, Ireland. (I still hold a UK National Insurance card: TZ ** ** ** A)

    The British Passport Office in Toronto has long since disappeared, having been phased out as obsolete.

    Can anyone please advise us as to the process to renew our passports – and whether I might qualify for a full British Citizen passport?

    The last time we checked-in at the Eurostar in Brussels the UK Immigration Officer there could not figure why we did not both have full British Citizen passports!

    Thank you very much in advance.


    Good morning TemboCanada,
    You’ll find the British High Commission in Canada very helpful for such matters. I’d suggest giving them a call.


    ggest you go online it is very user friendly and comprehensive.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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