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  • CallMeIshmael

    Phelan, I have respect for the vast majority of posters on this forum. Re-read the post – what slurs? There aren’t any slurs! Go away, develop some original, pertinent thought, articulate and matriculate. Until then, play with your inflatable dart board and I’ll ignore the irritant.


    Ishmael, it seems to me you respect only those who hold the same opinion as you do.

    Thank you though, for repeating your rudeness in using my surname only in your reply. Further proof of your lack of manners and understanding of civil discourse.

    Oh, and I will not be going away, as I enjoy the excellent discussions in this forum, as the vast majority of posters have something interesting and valuable to contribute. Feel free to join this group at any time.


    Well said John, why do these people make such silly statements. Certainly not proper business travellers. They would not act so disrespectful if they were.


    Now, now, ladies!!



    Why do you need VK to tell you what to think, when I have supplied a definitive reference? (From the UK Parliament LIbrary.)

    You should withdraw your assertion that “At least BA has received not a penny in government aid. “

    I have demonstarted that this was incorrect, that BA received an effective gift of over £1bn.

    Your assertion that this does not count, because it was before privatisation, is not tenable as the company were able to (skillfully) turn the Concorde fleet into a profitable operation and received effectively a subsidiy for the years of operation, as well as the development costs and a write off of £160 million of public dividend capital.

    Secondly, why are you having trouble understanding that Air Malta has to provide a social service, as well as a commercial service, in the the face of route subsidised competition?

    If Star Alliance and Skyteam was paid a subsidy to fly into Heathrow, then BA might struggle to make a profit, might they not?

    Anyway, the point is that Air Malta provides a better business class product than BA, fact. I experienced it again today.

    Same A320, same 2 x 2 seat layout, but two big differences

    1) cabin crew who were very friendly and provided a great service, unlike my last few shorthaul BA flights (BA long haul is a different matter)

    2) decent food

    3) a hot towel

    4) an orange juice before departure

    5) a clean and tidy aircraft

    It is not rocket science and none of the above costs very much to provide, especially #1, whcih should be free.

    This is the standard BA has to deliver in Club Europe and I can only empathise with Honest Crew for having to work with both hands tied behind back, it is not so many years since BA was a really top class airline. It must be demotivating.


    ‘May’ offer a far better service than BA, but there is one small issue in that it does not really offer wide selection of destinations from the UK. More of a tourist carrier than a serious business carrier ex UK, unless of course you have an need to go to Malta on business


    The topic seems to have gone of topic, if that makes sense! we all have our favorite Airlines for various reasons. The headline question was has BA service or standrads dropped. answer is yes but not much. In my experiance of 20 years flying, and in the past 7 years doing 4 long hual sectors per month at 35+ hours with various airlines its more a question off falling behind teh opposistion. The reasons why are another question, Certanly those that rank above do get certain advantages over BA.

    imho the problems at BA are more the culture of business as a whole in the UK. The empahasis is on short term stock value and business decisions are made based on this. With a national carrier, who ever tht may be they have the advantage in thier home base of the majority share of capacity. that in itself mean that managers can either cut out costs at the front line or not invest in the latest tech as soon as its available to achieve faster savings without the risk of too much loss of custom. Post a cost cutting measure being salries, lower catering, defering a fleet refirbish and the stock rises in anticipation. Short term the share holders, usually large institutions, are happy. The managment are happy, they get thier bonuses just leaving the staff demoralised facing unsatisfied customers and passengers making posts such as this. This isnt just about BA, this is about most UK manged companies in similar situation, be they large retailers, hotel chains, or other service suppliers. You only had to look at M&S when it had the majority on the high street to see the effects, once the competition were able to break in on even terms customers voted with thier feet. In M&S case they have learned thier lesson and i for one am back shopping thier.

    It also hits to the point why so many here fly, or claim to fly FC? 9k for a flight vs say 4K for a not disimilar product? that 5K that has to be saved from your, or your companies business in other areas and judging by some of the resposes here these people would be more than happy to lay those at the front end. just the same as Mr Walsh and co, leaving your staff and your customers under enthused at the product.


    In the departure area at Manchester on Friday a BA crew we waiting to board to take over a flight recently arrived from LHR

    Over heard one of the crew talking loudly to others – while reading a “BA News or similar crew news letter” she read a report that there have been reports that crew members only think of themselves and what they canb get out of a flight, and dont care about passengers – who are just an inconvienience.

    Had to laugh as a passsenger waiting for the flight overheard this and commented to the crew “how true she comments are” which developed into a rather headed exchange of words with the remaining crew threatening to have the passenger denied boarding.

    Wouldn’t have liked to be on that flight! – wonder if he had his drink spilled on him by accident!


    I agree with you Steve, the problem is like you say it is UK industry today and the desire for jam today and tomorrow and worry about next month when it comes.

    Personally I would not pay another £5k to travel F and would never recharge a customer that either. I have only ever travelled F three times, once as an upgrade and the other two was when the upgrade price was £430.00. It was worth the £430.00 but not £5K.

    Disgusted having never flown on Air Malta I could not say what the level of service is. I take you at your word in what you describe and do not and never have doubted you. If I had a need to travel to Malta then I would probably use Air Malta, particularly since BA withdrew its service. I don’t have any disagreement that Air Malta provides a social service, but they are not alone and my example of both BA and Flybedo to the Channel Islands. What difficulty do you have in understanding that Air Malta does not have a monopoly on providing a social service.

    I notice that you don’t mention Air France and the subsidy paid to them from the French government over Concorde. You throwing Concorde into the discussion is a red herring. We are not talking about the distant past, we are talking 2011. The fact is BA has not had a hand out from HM Government for the losses it has made recently, fact is Air Malta will do.



    “What difficulty do you have in understanding that Air Malta does not have a monopoly on providing a social service.”

    None. But that is not my point; Air Malta provides a social service (and bears the attendant costs), whilst it’s major competitors are given ‘route subsidies’ – i.e. paid to fly to Malta, in other words there is no level playing field. I repeat, this is the equivalent of Star Alliance and Skyteam being subsidised to fly into Heathrow.

    “I notice that you don’t mention Air France and the subsidy paid to them from the French government over Concorde. You throwing Concorde into the discussion is a red herring. We are not talking about the distant past, we are talking 2011. The fact is BA has not had a hand out from HM Government for the losses it has made recently, fact is Air Malta will do.”

    When you made this absolute statement

    “At least BA has received not a penny in government aid.”

    You did not put any time limits on it. Anyway, a billion goes a long way, doesn’t it?

    “I notice that you don’t mention Air France and the subsidy paid to them from the French government over Concorde. “

    Because I was rebutting your incorrect point about British Airways.



    For the avoidance of doubt, here is the original question and my response

    “”In the age of cutbacks, what else do you guys really expect from a short flight ?”

    The same level of service that I get on Air Malta.”

    Now we have had Vintage Krug and NTarrant drifting the thread by blustering about Air Malta and I have shown that their points are not correct, perhaps we can get back on thread and focus on the service levels offered by BA.

    I rate Club World as a good product and have not yet had a flight where the service was less than professionally delivered. Sometimes it was much better than that, but the bottom line is that I have always got value for money.

    I rate Club Europe as a sick joke and have experienced quite a few indifferent crew over the past couple of years. Eastbourne Guys post is unvalidated, but I could visuallise this happening with some of the CE crew I have had the pleasure of travelling with, like the ones who didn’t do a drinks run for over 2 hours after dinner on a 4.5 hour flight 🙁

    BA needs to fix Club Europe.


    Personally, I tend to avoid CE, dont see the point of spending £400+ when you can sit on the same aircraft with ‘similar’ flexi ticket or another carrier with equal flexi, out of the same airport.

    What made me realise the irony of it all is when you see economy pax from the same flight in the arrivals hall before the CE pax.

    I agree with you CE needs to be fixed.


    “Air Malta provides a social service (and bears the attendant costs)” how can it be doing that if it is about to receive a subsidy to cover losses. Sure BA and Flybe will get paid for thier social aspects, but then someone has to pay and if it is not on a as used basis it has to be through a subsidy.

    You are just being perdantic over what I said about BA not receiving a penny in government aid. You know I was refering to now, 2011, not the dim and distant past. Concorde was different in many ways and has nothing to do with the discussion. I think that you bring this up in desperation to justify the subsidy Air Malta will receive.


    Disgusted – whilst we can disagree over subsidies, I do agree that Club Europe needs fixing.



    Maybe we can focus on the BA issue?

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