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    Im interested to know if anyone has any news of the opening date of the due Concorde Bar at DXB as announced here :

    Im travelling in mid jan and rather hoped it would be open. I fear though that the language of the PR is somewhat woolly, and in reality for me to be delighted on this occasion needs

    1) the concourse to open
    2) BA to move into it and
    3) BA to open up the lounge.

    I fear the likelihood of any of these things, nevermind all 3 happening before the middle of Jan are about as remote as a Ryanair parking stand!



    Having gone through Dubai T1 this week, I would say that the new Concourse D and the links to it from T1 look far from ready, but am back there again on Friday so will ask the BA team for an update and post it afterwards.



    Thank you Rodders – fingers crossed its good news!



    Don’t expect the D concourse to open before end February at the VERY earliest.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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