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    funny that, I would not want to have repeated that in german if I was her and it would be a “NO” from me for the offer too, after having seen some of the Crew…HaHa



    Typical O’Leary, Cheap airline, cheap jokes. Didn’t make me laugh. Thanks for sharing Steve, reinforces my view never to fly Ryanair.



    I have never flown on Ryanair but how gross can that be when their CEO make such a not-so-funny joke to the media, more than once!

    The statement is at least original and a First for the airline industry.

    They can now advertise to the male premium passengers to this slogan:

    Sit back, relax and enjoy our in-flight “entertainment”!

    Singapore Airlines:- Singapore Girls – What a Great Way to Fly. SQ you now have serious competition!!

    BTW, the German word for a B/J is oralverkehr OR blasen. I lived with a German for many years and I should know!!!!

    Happy Irish Mile High Club!



    Thanks for the translation FlyingChinaman. I love this forum for it’s cultural and linguistic insights 😉



    My pleasure! You might just find the translation handy one day!!!! Hahaha!

    I too agree this is wonderful forum with very many highly informative travellers and there is always something I can learn and benefit from it. The only minor and not so pleasant thing is the occasional squabbles between some contributorsbut the world is made up of all types!!!

    Happy travels!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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