ANA 787 On-going Engine Problems

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  • Gold-2K

    I know ANA grounded their 787 fleet in mid 2016 over engine problems. I flew out of HND last week and saw 3 of their 787s on the apron without engines. Is this really still a problem? Must be costing Rolls Royce a fortune if that’s the case?

    Craig Bright

    Air New Zealand is having similar issues, with a number of its flights delayed or cancelled due to the need for engine maintenance on its 787s (mentioned at the bottom of the following article):

    Singapore-Auckland to get third daily Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines flight

    Seems Rolls-Royce had underestimated how long the engines would need before requiring repair and advised ANZ to get it done quick – could be something similar with ANA?


    More significantly the RR engines on B787s being operated by BA and Virgin Atlantic are having to be inspected.

    Some months ago Thai Airways also had engine problems with its B787s.


    Hence I do not by choice fly anywhere when the equipment specified is a 787, too many issues to sit comfortably and not worry!


    I understand that BA now has 3 Dreamliners in the hanger with engine issues. Some flights are being cancelled and other routes are using spare B777 metal. Quite worrying actually as I fly the B787 frequently. If anyone has more specifics would be nice to share.


    I’ve only flown 787 with KLM, I believe theirs are powered by GE engines.


    I just had a look at RR’s website. They are currently claiming 99.9% dispatch reliability for Trent-1000 engines. I wonder if that page is due for an update??


    ANA B787 landed at Osaka Itami and both engines shut down. Plane had to be towed away from the runway.


    They are currently claiming 99.9% dispatch reliability for Trent-1000 engines.

    99.9% was for actual departures. Aborted probably aren’t counted.

    In the 1970s, the South African Post Office placed a full page advert in all the national newspapers, featuring an impressively detailed survey giving statistics of nationwide mail delivery reliability and speed.

    At the bottom of the page, in small print, it stated that “These figures only relate to mail which reached its destination”, in other words, stolen or lost articles didn’t count. These days it’s even worse.


    Air New Zealand certainly have had major problems, and had to “Wet Lease” 3 Aircraft last i knew, in December 2018.
    They also had RR Engines, and have carried a notice on their website about the Dreamliners for about 10 months now.
    It is expected their issues will take at least a year to resolve!

    I had one Air NZ flight booked on the 789 in Business to The Cook Islands, and ended up on a 30 yr old 773, formerly belonging to Singapore Airlines.
    It had been brought out of the scrap yard in Seattle, hence “BeetleJuice”, “Back To The Future”, being the latest movies on board.

    I had the misfortune to have to take the same aircraft again, a few days later into Auckland, having been booked in Premium Economy, and the aircraft having only 2 class, and Old seating.
    Seats were also broken, IFE loaded with Data from when the aircraft was first brought into service, no one bothering about it being updated, and the very poor impression of Air NZ to its customers. Staff on both flights were clearly detesting using that aircraft, as there were problems with every aspect on board, and passengers unhappy.
    I had to be refunded for both flights, one refund taking over 2 months to be investigated with all the issues, and until the refund reached my account.

    I have flown KLM’s 789, which was beautiful, but fitted with GE Engines, to which no problems have been reported.
    Also flown on Oman Airlines, Etihad, Thai, Vietnam, and have incurred no problems, over a few years, so i would not have concerns about flying the Aircraft itself.

    I wonder of the Dreamliner 10 series will be like and if the issues prior to the delivery of these has been corrected, as KLM / Air France are certainly expecting these new aircraft in, this year…?
    I presume as long as the engines are NOT RR, the issues will not be present.
    Will this mean that orders for the larger 787-10, the engines could be changed by the Airline to have alternatives supplied to avoid such issues, or delays, Operational difficulties?
    Not heard much from RR about this, understandably!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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