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    AMS Schiphol airport has announced today that they will lower their tariffs by 11.6% per April 1, 2016 after their 7% cut this year.
    The move is partly a result of the above estimate growth in passenger traffic and partly to remain competitive against airports in the Near- and Middle East.
    Large volume users such as AF/KL and Easyjet are expected to benefit most of this cut.

    It would help counter the supposed subsidies of the ME3 and increase profits or lower ticket prices.

    Should others follow this example? Would this move make it even more attractive for British travellers to fly through a hub like AMS on the continent?



    Bet the airlines don’t pass the benefits on……!



    Normally I’d agree Openfly, but this time I think they will. Lower fuel costs are already narrowing the advantage the ME3 have and improving the Legacy’s margins so this cut will press the advantage they have a little further.



    One of best airport in the world! Glad to hear this and that europe started with new approach against ME3



    But will other airports follow and offer this advantage throughout, for instance, western Europe? What will LHR do? Arguably the most expensive of the four major hubs.



    What will LHR do ?

    LHR announed last April that it would be cutting a number of fees effective January 1, 2016.

    BBC reported that “The airport hopes the reductions would encourage fuller planes and make more use of limited capacity.”

    “Airlines are not obliged to pass on the savings to passengers but it is expected many would.”



    Apologies. Forgot to show the link to the BBC news piece.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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