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    Does anyone think the new benefits on the Titanium Centurion card are worth the incrase in the yearly charge from £600 to £1,800? Apart from Fastrack at some Heathrow Terminals and Gold status with Virgin I can’t see the justification for the increase.


    I would find it hard to justify £1800 on any membership fee. Especially right now.

    The richest people I know eschew “super status” cards such as this – the only people it impresses are perhaps people who process your payment in shops, hotels and restaurants. Colleagues and friends who see the card are likely to feel owning one sends the wrong message in the current climate. Bling is no longer King.

    For those who already own the Centurion “Black” card, some pushback to Amex on the fee increase should get you at least another year without paying more than you did last year.

    There are certainly benefits of Centurion ownership, but the majority of those benefits can be had by the significantly more modest outlay of £300 for the Platinum American Express Card.

    The Platinum card qualifies you for:

    – One free secondary Plat card

    – Access to the Platinum Concierge (though pleasant to speak to, they are more useless than Yvette Cooper in my experience)

    – Access to the Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts room rates (free room upgrade, reduced rates, late check out and a special “amenity”, usually a free lunch)

    – Priority Pass unlimited lounge access for two people

    – Access to bmi lounges and AA Admirals Clubs when flying on those airlines

    – Global Comprehensive Travel Insurance

    – Car Rental Insurance (no need to pay for any extra insurances)

    – Starwood, Hilton and Radisson Gold

    Most people able to afford £1800 in fees alone would stay in suites at top notch non-chain hotels, and either be flying First (or more likely a Private Jet) or have already attained status on the relevant airlines, such that these Centurion extras are irrelevant.

    Better to use the Amex Plat benefits, while keeping a more modest (and probably more lucrative) mileage, hotel point or cashback earning card for your day to day spend.


    The Jumeirah Cirrus Gold Card gives 4 nights for 3 or 3 for 2 with upgraded room. The Ritz Carlton gives upgraded rooms (any number) at time of booking – guaranteed. Virgin gold is one of the least beneficial perks I think, as their UK programme is long haul and that means Upper Class which brings the fabulous lounge at LHR with it anyway.
    I think £1800 is a bit of a steep rise but I am confident that I can still get my return on investment through use of the offers. The concierege have also found to be extremely useful for last minute dining reservations at what are popularly known as “6 month in advance” venues.

    No. In fact, I telephoned them and told them not to activate the silly new card as I was quite happy with the plastic one. This seemed to take the wind out of their sails.

    Since I joined Centurion my SPG membership has been downgraded from Platinum to Gold and the companion air fares facility, which used to be quite good, has been reduced to a rump of third-rate and near-bankrupt (American and Italian) airlines. Exactly how does this constitute ‘product enhancement’?

    Nigel; how do you get Concierge (or as they now pretentiously call themselves ‘Lifestyle’) to answer the ‘phone? I have given up my last two attempts after being kept on hold for over half-a-hour each time without anyone ever answering the phone.

    £ 1,800 for this? Yur ‘avin a larf.


    Hi “Y”!
    0808 1005050 answers pretty much straight away when I call which admittedly is rarely between 10 and 4. However, I find them very helpful and speedy in emailing vouchers or information requested. Return calls from specific agents are also swift when required. I’ve never found myself becoming frustrated with their service and I certainly don’t tolerate fools gladly so they must be doing the right things for me!
    A geat past time is to get call centres tied in a knot by demanding info under the freedom of information act when they come out with the data protection, Tony Blair, clap trap!!


    Just found this thread. I cant see any benfit at all from spending £1800 for the gimmicks. The add on values I need, I already have. Unlimited upgrades at a hotel means you have to go there first of all. I think it would be more useful to base it on service, not freebies. For the difference between the Pat card and the centurion card, you can more or less buy a business class ticket. I just cant see it lasting. The idea is good, the design is tacky, becuase basically you are buying a card marketed as prestige to find your self in sort of ‘pyramid’ sales campaign – i.e. we give you discount if you buy – and Amex earns a very high commision on all transactions, espcially overseas transactions. I reckon when Willy leaves BA, he will head straight for Amex – then it will sink faster than the titanic.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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