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    My flight from LHR to JNB was delayed. I therefore missed my connection to CPT. BA could not find me any flight that day to CPT from JNB due to school half term. So they rerouted me via Windhoek.

    The JNB-WND was with BA/Comair on an old 737 with 5 abreast seating and 31″ seat pitch. All rather grim for Club Class….and then delayed by 90 minutes.

    Windhoek Airport is small, modern and well set-up with a pleasant Business lounge.

    The flight was called 50 minutes before departure! It was just a two minute walk across the apron. The 319 looked immaculate. There were two beaming smiles in the doorway with a really warm welcome.

    The Business class cabin was very impressive. 4 rows of enormous leather seats, 2-2 with 54″ seat pitch…yes 54″.the seat had a great recline and an electric leg rest with a foot rest extension. All this on a regional flight.

    35 minutes prior to our scheduled departure time, the Capt made one of the best professional welcome PAs I have ever heard. A clear, concise chat with a smile in his voice. At that we departed…yes 35 minutes early!
    We arrived in CPT one hour early…on a 2 hour flight time. Hey BA…take notice, it can be done.

    Usual hot towels, drink service then the meal order. Offered prawn in an Italian sauce, chicken curry or a steak. The tray in itself was set-up such that BOAC would have approved. The starter was a large smoked salmon salad with a vast selection of breads and rolls. I chose the prawn main course…it was a massive portion and very well served with three vegetables. The apple and cinnamon pie was to die for!

    A wonderful evening to be flying with a stunning African sunset. The approach into CT was just totally memorable.

    If my flight from LHR had not been delayed I would not have experienced such an excellent little airline.

    I gave them 11 out of 10…,until I found that my bag had not arrived. There is always a spoiler. The lady on their desk was so apologetic. She located it and it arrived the next morning. When you have such a good flight….do little things like that matter!!? They were forgiven.

    How flying used to be. Please come to Europe and show them how to do it Air Namibia.


    Bags going missing is always annoying, thankfully it hasn’t happened to me often. What I like though about Openfly’s experience, is how the airline managed the “loss” and was able to locate and deliver the bag without any fuss or hanging on the phone with “0845 numbers”.

    S**t happens, but its nice to see the sunshine of “recovery” worked so efficiently. Well done Air Namibia..


    Really great experience!

    I have made the opposite experience with Ethiopian. I am struggling for more than 9 months to get a compensation for my damaged baggage.


    I’m glad to see Air Namibia have improved. My last experiences of them were diabolical.


    Lets hope that this wasn’t a one-off. The basic product….the A319 with its superb seating isn’t a variable. Comparing it to the BA/Comair product is chalk and cheese. Looks as though Air Namibia have turned the corner on its regional product. Do hope so.


    Thanks for that excellent report Openfly. I’m due to go to Namibia shortly and was looking at driving (from Knysna) though thinking flying may be more comfortable. That report and knowing the plane they operate has convinced me to fly and try them out. I’ll let you know how it goes though it’s not for a month or so yet.


    Hi LP

    Hey…a drive from Knysna to Windhoek sounds really formidable. It’s a long, long way as I am sure you know.

    If you do decide to fly it will be interesting to compare, especially if you go Business Class.

    I fwd my comments to Air Namibia. I received an immediate reply with sincere thanks. They were passed on to all employees through their internal email message system….such a nice touch. Very personal.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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