Alitalia continues to operate … for now.

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  • openfly

    That’s the EU for you. Turning a blind eye to Alitalia’s government subsidies….billions and billions of Euros. It’s no wonder that the U.K. voted out when such blatant cronyism is so visible.


    One of the (many!) reasons we’re leaving the EU is they make rules that only the law abiding UK abides by, most other states ignore them.
    However some of those states are supporting Brexit too, notably Italy and Hungary, so let them break their own rules without us?
    Numerous airlines in the real world are subsidised (Air India to the tune of $6billion, american airlines,etc.) so suppose the EU is just being ‘flexible’.


    Numerous airlines in the real world are subsidised (Air India to the tune of $6billion, american airlines,etc.) so suppose the EU is just being ‘flexible’.

    Exactly — Chapter 11 in the States is a classic example of this, and seems to be used as a safety net at times by airlines who are frankly mismanaged …..
    It’s also worth remembering that national carriers are usually seen as a window into the soul of the country they represent. I recall reading an article that suggested a mixed feeling of loss, distress and embarrassment when Swissair collapsed.


    @canucklad …. Yes I knew/know a hostie/ex hostie for SR and she told me then how they were all so shocked that their beloved airline could be so mismanaged as to fold like it did. You are right, the Swiss as a race, were shocked, dumbfounded and very, very embarrassed.
    She also lost a good friend on SR111, and that also shocked them to the core, again how something could go so very wrong like it did so quickly, and at the end it was put down to pilot error, or rather to be precise, pilot mismanagement of the problem. (i.e. Thinking in a robotic/mechanical way, as opposed to a ‘needs must’ approach).
    With Alitalia the staff ‘could not give a monkey’s’ as they are ‘not Italian’ per se, they are Roman generally, but others are from wherever i.e. Napolitani, Palermitani, Calabrese etc etc. They have no national identity and that behaviour which we see, ie lazy, couldn’t care less attitude (in work anyway), is the way they think about their country.
    So now I invite response from fellow forum contributors on how they may see BA as ‘a window into the soul’ of the UK …. ha ha ha ha – I am waiting! ………..


    Cat among pigeons springs to mind!

    Report: Delta Trying to Acquire Alitalia



    Soon after introducing its designer uniforms Alitalia has announced a catering upgrade.

Viewing 7 posts - 121 through 127 (of 127 total)
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