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    October 2015, Our Lunch

    On a weekend in October we were out and about due to the annual Open House 2015 event in Dublin, Ireland and a film “The song of the sea”, which was Oscar nominated, at the Chester Beatty Library we’ve seen there.

    After the beautiful animated movie we were hungry and went to Alchemy for a late lunch. We had been there a few times already (Please see our reviews.).

    On this Sunday afternoon we were glad the salad section was well stocked. At earlier times some items weren’t available when arriving later in the day.

    We chose an Anti-everything juice, a chocolate coconut milk and two nut cake, beetroot and red cabbage slaw salads and paid 25 Euro (ca. 28.40 USD).

    Since we were the only sit down customers we could choose our table. During our lunch two teenage boys arrived for a quick drink.

    As always the food was delicious and the staff friendly. The setting on Grafton Street within BT2 is fascinating.

    Would we recommend this outlet to a friend? YES!
    Would we want to eat again at this outlet? YES!



    Anti-everything juice…two nut cake…red cabbage slaw salads.

    Uggboy…your reviews never fail to make me smile.

    Thanks and looking forward to next.



    @icenspice, thanks for your compliments, Alchemy is a fascinating outlet in the heart of Dublin’s Grafton Street at BT2, it’s healthy, fast and yes, keeps us smiling too. Cheers and Safe Travels ahead.



    And the same to you and Mrs uggboy.

    Btw, do you not have a kitchen as you are forever dining out?

    Best regards



    @icenspice, of course we’ve a kitchen, but when we’re out and about it’s more inviting to eat at some good outlets. On this particular day we’ve been very busy indeed while in Dublin.

    My warm Greetings. Thanks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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