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    Hi guys,
    We want to show you a tool that can improve your travel experience.

    We thought it would be cool if you could meet the people you’re flying with, way before the flight.
    This is how we came up with the idea for

    It’s web and mobile app with which you can log all your flights and communicate with fellow passengers. It’s free and forever will be. We’re building in our spare afternoons.

    Hop on and don’t be shy to tell us what you think.

    See you on board! team


    I can’t think of anything worse than meeting a bunch of randoms on my flight.


    Simon, +1


    Sounds dreadful, be hotels next.


    Dear JackHopkins,

    OK. I’ll try not to be shy.

    But I’m too polite to tell you what I think.

    You’re building it in your “spare afternoons”? Really?

    You’re on the wrong forum.

    Go away.


    This sounds positively, flesh-creepingly awful. No thanks.


    I’m pretty sure you can do this already, with Tindr, Blendr or Grindr; as your taste permits.


    Not for me either I’m afraid. Like a lot of us on this forum, I fly every week and sometimes, every day of the week – I have no interest at all in conversing with anyone else on the flight & they have no real interest in me either.
    This doesn’t make me a miserable old git (despite my family saying otherwise) but time on the plane is MY time & I don’t want to spend it hearing all about why my seat neighbour is heading to Los Angeles!


    I agree with most of what people say….. but for me it depends on the filtering tool …. if any is available.

    If I could select a certain “type of passenger”, well maybe, I would sign up………… if fact, I damn sure I would…….

    11 hours next week flying back from HKG sat in CW, with the screen down … with Mila Kunis or Vera Farmiga or a couple of others I could name……………

    I think you are all miserable……… :))

    Good night!


    Appalling and unwanted. Terrible idea.


    KLM (God bless their little cotton socks) already offer this wonderful facility:

    Which, maybe, says something about folk who travel with KLM…. or not?

    Anyway, I won’t be using this facility on KLM or elsewhere!!


    Well folks, I’m not going to be so dismissive…..and so I’m more in Martyn’s camp.
    I felt downright awkward whenever “that screen” was lowered by the cabin crew when I was upgraded to YVR on BA. The man on the opposite side of the screen resembled a Zurich banker who had just munched his way through a lemon grove…….

    I like a friendly chit chat as long as it doesn’t turn into a plethora of blether, or worse you become an unpaid agony aunt.

    I can’t sleep on planes so having somebody to chat to at the back of the plane, sipping a glass of wine whilst my travelling companion/s snooze the time zones away would actually be beneficial.
    Then again I do that now anyway.

    The shared taxi section has definite merits. And at least they didn’t call it the mile high app … : )


    I think a Business Traveller forum is probably the wrong place to promote this product! Although it may be something suited to backpackers, holidaymakers etc. I’m sure a lot of people heading to Thailand or Australia back-packing would love the idea of meeting like-minded people on their flight.

    But as ‘canucklad’ suggested, it would only be a matter of time before it’s misused and nicknamed the ‘mile-high app’ 🙂

    And I thought I was antisocial!!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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