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  • openfly

    @VK The problem with the wallowing would be too difficult and expensive to address. Air is a completely different fluid to water. As the changes happen much quicker and the vehicle is travelling much quicker through air it would be impossible to counteract the effects of the ambient air. The stabilisers on a ship are so effective because the computers have more time to assess the situation and correct the movement.

    Airships are also much less manouevreable close to the ground especially with local wind effects on the bodily bulk. This would be very noticeable near to tall buildings as in the Battersea heliport area, and the channelling of the wind on the River Thames. I feel that the CAA would have serious doubts in allowing airships to operate in such a confined space. Battersea heliport is only there because of history. The CAA would never give it permission tp open in this day and age.


    In many ways correct openfly. However size does have similar effects in both media. So moving to a monstrously large design would have a damping effect.

    I thought the Heliport was sited there as the flight ceiling restrictions are only reduced over the Thames, except in the cae of emergency trafffic and special flights such a smilitary and foreign dignitaries. With the current administration, I do not think they would be allowed to build a heliport anywhere, they would prefer a railway station solely focussed on European Travel that might open in 2030…

    Tom Otley

    I have been hunting out our old threads on airships after the recent piece on BusinessTraveller TV on the Airlander.

    Admittedly I’m a bit biased since I live within sight of the magnificient Cardington Sheds – so large that their other uses are providing rehearsal venues for large stadium acts such as Take That, so I’ve heard, and the Batman films. There’s a good shot of the Airlander flying over them.

    I like the idea of an overnight service to Europe for business people. But would we do it? Or will this go the way of the other ventures mentioned in the thread?

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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