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  • christopheL

    I never use toilets in short haul aircrafts and I am French. Both reasons explain why I don’t really mind cleanliness in short haul aircrafts.
    But I really can’t bear drunk people in an aircraft.
    That’s why my commuting flights between Paris and London are mainly AF flights and almost never BA or EZY flights 🙂


    [quote quote=923802]I am not Japanese (at all !) but I always fold my blanket before leaving a long haul flight. Is it that weird ?[/quote]

    I do it too. It seems slovenly not to.


    I remember when I have flown Economy in the past I have walked through buisness and thought it looked like a pig sty at the end of the flight.

    I try not to get newspapers as then you are stuck with it for the flight unless its a short flight with no entertainment. I would always try to get rid of the rubbish in my area once I am done with it by getting all wrappers and glasses on the tray or handing to passing crew or leaving it in a place they can see. Never on the floor as dont like the idea of putting my feet on rubbish or sitting on it. Regardless of the class im flying.

    Also won’t leave hotel rooms in a huge mess as dont want the maid thinking im a slob.

    I just think I was bought up properly.

    (As for airline cleanliness, always found BA to be grubby, Virgin was dusty. Etihad and Turkish was spotless.)


    I can add Austrian, predictably, to the list of those whose aircraft are immaculate, as is VIE Airport, and the city is also clean compared to nearly every other European major city.


    [quote quote=924212]Inside a medium-haul aircraft, there are two toilets for an average 150 economy class passengers[/quote]

    I have seen some disgusting sights in the toilets onboard. aircraft
    And not just at the end of long haul flights, but also short haul.

    Manky rapidly !!

    And I wonder if there is a correlation between the state of these toilets and what seems to me a downsizing of space with onboard toilets.


    My flying experiences have mostly been on UK holiday airlines.

    Three years ago, I flew VS for the first time and found the aircraft clean and tidy. There was a problem with a sink not emptying, but this was soon fixed by one of the male cabin crew. The dirtiest aircraft was Adria, pieces of potato from a previous occupant’s meal were gathering dust and mould between the seats.

    However, how passengers behave never ceases to amaze. Thankfully never experienced chewing gum stuck to the seat, table, floor. Could never understand why newspapers were deposited page by page on the floor. Getting out of a seat would have meant stepping over them, so why not fold the paper and make your exit easier?! On a flight to Greece, one put a disposable nappy down the toilet, rendering it out of order for the remainder of the flight. Back in his seat, loudly announced he’d given the cabin crew something to do. Returning from that country is also an experience. Some passengers are bewildered when there’s no bin beside the toilet for disposal of used paper. Where do they put it? On the floor, of course!

    Suppose it’s the attitude of someone will clear up after them. Probably the same people who throw apple cores, ciggy ends and even the boxes out of car windows.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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