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    Decided on one of my regular trips to Australia, to give AirAsiaX a go. Feb 09.

    Read the recent news on flights to STN etc, & a relatively good reputation building up for the Long haul flights.
    Melbourne – KUL, selling at AUD $280 a seat , with the 60″ (pretty roomy!) XL seat, for AUS $510!
    (Approx £120 / £240)
    Check-in bags of 25kg, +$30, Seat allocation (XL seat )$10, Pre-arranged meal $5.
    Including taxes, this from MELTullamarine also, it is a very good fare, for a 60 inch (old style admitedly) seat, on this 8 hr flight.
    New A330-300 on Australia routes, unlike A343 to be used to STN.
    So a total of approx £278 for a very good space, & a daytime flight.
    Economy fares on MH, TG, SQ were more than this.
    Certainly worth trying.

    Comparable carrier flights, with all the usual perks in business, were over 10 times more, so quite a saving. Still they would offer a good 10″ more room than say EK, or SQ old style…

    Having become used to downgraded food on EU routes these days, I am rather in the habit of buying a very decent sandwich prior to boarding, so I dont think doing this for an 8 hr sector is too difficult.
    A good Lunch in the city would be little better than measly snacks in some Airline Lounges these days.
    Anyone else flown with them on the XL Australian routes?

    Perhaps we can update/ share the experience on board & how the XL seat fairs?


    Hi Mark,

    I believed you’re confused which the XL class you are gonna get on your coming MEL-KUL flights.

    The 60 inches 2-2-2 configuration XL class is only available on KUL – Gold Coast & HangZhou routes with the A330-300 – registration 9M-XAA (on lease, previously operated by Aer Lingus).
    Picture link:

    KUL – MEL & KUL – PER is using their first brand new A330-300 with the registration 9M-XXA ordered directly from airbus and the configuration is 2-3-2 (similar with JQ A332 Star Class) which features fixed back seat that slide forward.
    Picture link:

    For XL Class passangers what you get is basically bigger seats and the rest is exactly same with economy passangers at the back :
    Pay for check in luggage, pay to select your seat, pay for blanket, pay for inflight entertainment, pay for food (please take note NO outside food & drinks allowed in AirAsia flights (you may eat your sandwich discreetly while the cabin crew was away) and no free lounges.


    I recently used Air Asia X from Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur in XL class and I have to say it was very good considering the fare (an XL promo fare). Load in XL was about 40% no more and the seats are quite OK for daylight flights. Wouldnt take them personally for any overnight flight as I cannot sleep unless totally flat. Pre booked the meal which was basic to say the least (still in its foil wrapping) with plastic cutlery. Glass of Australian red OK only, didnt ask for a second. Paid about $5 i think. Service is standard for a low coast carrier, they were there when you wanted them. No entertainment is the biggest drwaback for some, so take a fully charged IPod or similar. Or a good book, which kept me amused enough. Flight left on time, arrived 5 minuters early, with a superb landing by the malaysian captain. TGhe aircraft itself, the one originally from Aer Lingus, is looking OK, not as tired as some of Qantas’ old 767’s. Its a workhorse that aircraft, it seems to operate all the OOL KUL flights. Guess they maintenance check it out some time.

    The Air Asia LCCT at KUL is a shambles. Long lines at the immigration as 2 other flights arrive at the same time. Its also a 20 minute taxi ride from the main KLIA terminal.

    I am returning to OOL in March again on Air Asia X from KUL and whilst not suggesting its anything like SQ in B usiness, for the price its adeqauate and in this day and age a penny saved is good enough for me.

    Air Asia within Asia is also the cheapest airline and certainly the best of the many low cost airlines flying in Asia.


    Interesting comments & perspectives!

    I hadn’t actually seen the one configuration you indicated, so it was booked on the basis of the XL seat as featured on their website, & the Business traveller review & associated Google found reviews, & passenger photographs.

    As this is a dayflight for me (some are 01.30hrs from MEL!), leaving lunchtime, it appears quite adequate for my trip, on this sector. I am well aware that the seat is the only feature that differs, & to be honest for the £800 extra, to fly with say MH in C class, I will be more than happy to sit by the Harbour having an early lunch, then off to fly!

    Not dis-similar from the MH Golden lounge at KL, or SQ 1st Class lounge in SIN (was there in Jan 08 just opened), a la carte dining in the lounge prior to departure. Seems good to me to hop on the flight, MP3 & Laptop /dvd selection, & be comfortable with the room available. I stay at Pan Paific always through KLIA, so i usually have dinner there when i arrive anyhow.

    Its been awkward to say the least to get anything out of BMI on Star Alliance in or out of Australia using miles – They are deliberately NOT purchasing seats for FFP members it seems at the moment…
    I tried 12 airlines, every gateway in the EU, via US, ZA, Canada, “No seats” they “Claim”.
    I know the Coportate Business Manager for SQ In Australia, & he checked, & they do have Star. All seats on those booking classes. Also some of the TG PR people. confirmed same.

    So i had no seats out of Australasia at all. I am pleased with my XL seat onAir Asia.
    I fly SQ Raffles from Amsterdam & down to Sydney, & KLM from Singapore through Amsterdam WBC, to peaceful LCY to arrive home.
    So i am very content.

    This is not a business trip for me, i fund this myself, so i want value & quality on the longer haul sectors, which i have through my accrued miles, & Business seats.
    It would & will be very interesting that those that associate all the extras luggage lounges etc, with status, when their Companies no longer fund travel in the current climate, or restrict C class tickets. I have Etihad & KLM Gold cards, so i retain all the perks some pay a C class ticket for anyhow, or their Company pays.
    With the regularity of being in Sydney, the £800 saved on that sector, actually funds a terrific rate of 2 /4weeks apartment over Darling Harbour in Sydney. Or my 4 days in Melbounre & Singapore as stopovers.
    My XL seat alone, therefore, is really no sacrifice!


    Air Asia with all credit to them also, have removed all added fuel surcharges. It appears some airlines, BA for one, retain these at rates that are unreasonable for the hedged costs of fuel.
    Open & honest business for Air Asia to do this & promote it., where-as the other Airtlines hide, these costs or dont mention it!

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