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    After giving good reviews to the Air Asia X Business class service, punctuality and overall good value of the airline, I have now just returned from KL to Gold Coast on their new A330. What a disappointment the new seating and layout of XL class is now. The seat width and pitch has been dramatically reduced to increase the seat capacity in Economy. Now 2/3/2 for a total of 28 seats in XL class. Just when I thought it was an excellent alternative to full fare Business class on major airlines, Air Asia greadily takes away any advantage they might have had. So, be warned. Carefully consider using XL class on Air Asia X if you really want to fly comfortably. Premium Economy on major airlines def. is the better option .


    Does anyone know what the seating plan will be in both XL and economy when Air Asia X start their new London Stansted – KL route in March please?


    I am currently in Melbourne, & have an Air AsiaX XL set on 18th from MEL-KUL.
    Certainly will leave comments as per my experience.
    I will see if the reasonable fare of AUS $680 for all services & the one way XL seat, is worth it, compared to the $2300 Business on other airlines.


    Flew up from MEL- KUL 18th, booked in the XL seat; I have to agree!!!

    Its more like a premium economy seat, moving only 3-4 inches down & forwards. I would say there is about 3-4 inches more than an economy seat on say Malaysian Airlines. It was an 8.5 hr flight & it wasnt comfortable, even though the XL cabin had only 5 of us out of 28 seats taken! NO 58 inches as advertised originally when i booked, & the seat photos have disappeared on their website!

    I talked to the crew, & on the STN-KUL route, they have an A343 which is from Air Canada, so you will have the lie flat old style seat, but on the A333 this is what you get now.
    I would rather travel with an economy seat on SQ or Malaysian on the Australia routes, & was saddened also to feel this. Its a lost opportunity by AirAsiaX!

    Food- is all pretty unhealthy deep fried or 6/7 dishes with chicken, like a fast food outlet. Could all be made much more healthier.
    I handt realised, but had lunch at the airport, & dinner when we landed. Awkward to ask to run up a bill to pay at the end also but still came to only £12 or so for the flight. I promised not to ru off without paying the bill!
    Staff were young & fresh & very welcoming , no call button for them on the new seats, but they came past regularly.
    Lugagge…i had 32kg & explained been away for 6 weeks & mix of classes/ airlines flown so i wasn’t charged, but they levy only £4 a kg, which is very small. The aircraft itself was obviously very new quiet & pleasant to fly on.
    The standard seats looked very cramped, i sat in one later & at 5″9 my knees touched the seat in front.
    Overall cost if they had kept the seat as originally, i would fly them again. NOT, with this XL seat. U can get a full service ticket one way eceonomy seat from Australia for 1/3rd less than the XL seat on Ax & get more for yr $’s.

    I would be VERY cautious booking a flight into STN, knowing their intentions with seats for XL & aircraft used. If this is the case, people wont fly XL to London, at £500 each way, when others have same business tickets from £100 more, return, or Premium tickets on others to the region, like Eva Air Qantas, for about £700 return.

    I think people booking will be quite annoyed when they get on board, & they need to make clear Which Seat is being used on which route when you book!
    A mistake to downgrade the XL seat, it wont have people return. (They are NOT an alternative to business or premium seats, & all taken into account, not a good comparable premium economy service).
    Sadly, i wont re-book either.
    A missed opportunity in the currrent cimate for Air Asia X.
    I cant see their XL service being successful into STN, & for what it is, it’s overpriced. I am sure they will replace the Air Canada planes & have their own aircraft at some stage.
    Cant see this route being profitable with the stiff competition from London to Asia, & dont think it will last!
    Other Airlines are selling seats for £350 return economy to Asia, more than they ask for a standard seat.


    Hi Oztraveller. We have travelled to KL from COOL several times on Airasia XL and booked again on October 1 . However , like you , I am also very disappointed to hear that AirasiaX have opted for the premium economy seating configuration as opposed to the previous fair dinkum Business class for their COOL -KL long haul.
    I guess it was just too good to be true!! ;-(


    Frankly, it amazes me that Air Asia X dropped the ball so quickly after a rather good start on their long haul services to Australia. It appears that no-one from the airline reads these discussions on websites of this type otherwise I would have hoped for a response to our comments. Friends of mine recently travelled XL class OOL/KUL return (despite my begging them not to) and agree with us. It’s a poor premium economy product and way, way behind any business class product. Air AsiaX have lost me which is a shame since I live on the Gold Coast and travel to Asia and Europe often. There is no better product than SQ in any class and that’s who I travel with these days.


    Well said Oztraveller, unfortunately we booked our XL seats in March for October while they were still advertised and displayed on the AirasiaX website as a buisness class seat and now realise we are travelling in premium economy. GRRRRRRRR !! To be honest there should be a price reduction for the new premium economy seating like any other mainstream airline.


    Yes, Air AsiaX could have also tempted me back, but not after the XL seat experience. I found no difference with travelling say Malaysia Airlines economy. (Mel-KUL).

    BT reported that they were using an old Air Canada Aircraft on the STN – KUL route, but they intend to replace this with their new A330, which will have the revamped seating. The menu on a long haul also is not very healthy & not appealing, they really could improve this if you choose to pay for food.

    The price differences are not great with a full service Airline economy or E. premium seat. Real shame on the Australian routes where some competition on the low cost sector would have been welcomed & a great alternative.

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