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    Hi everyone,

    Currently I’m carrying out a study that investigates a traveller’s decision-making between branded airlines. Did you flew once at least? And are willing to help me with my research?
    If so, please click on the link below to get access to the survey. The survey takes maximum 15 minutes of your time.
    I would be so appreciative if you could fill in and share the survey.

    Thanks in advance!

    Consumer Psychologist



    Completed although it’s hard to see where the results will come out when it’s a FF program which steers the decision.



    These kind of surveys seem to be more common on BT. The attraction is clearly a pool of regular travellers who are willing to offer opinions.

    However, as a professional statistician, many of these surveys leave a lot to be desired. In particular, they are often posted with little information as who is commissioning the survey, why they are doing it and what will they do with the results.

    I would like to ask BT to list some minimum standards they would expect to be adhered before they allow surveys to take place. If these are not complied with, the thread should be deleted. The Market Research Society code of conduct gives good guidance as what these standards could look like and you can see this here



    Having clicked on the link here, this survey seems reasonably compliant. However, the information shown on clicking the link should have been included in this thread in my opinion rather than simply asking people to click on the link to find out more. After all, who knows where the link will take you?



    Bath_VIP – you are the professional statistician and I am definitely the amateur, nevertheless I absoutely agree with your suggestion about the way in which BT should moderate such survey requests.

    However, I am not sure about your proposal that ” the thread should be delighted”. There is delight and delight, but there is also erasure……



    That is worrying! How on earth did I type delighted instead of deleted?!



    Bath_VIP – 08/08/2015 16:59 BST

    +1 – I didn’t click the link for the reasons you imply.



    Done, but as always I hope you’ll share the result with.

    I felt the question on which airline to NYC needed a box to explain why I chose BA instead of KLM, having chosen KLM from London to Amsterdam.



    P’S. Welcome back FDOS.



    LuganoPirate, please tell us why you chose as you Did?

    Interesting last question, a quick and dirty Myers Briggs test.

    Bath VIP, agree with you. In my work I use the data from surveys and am increasingly finding it hard to use the data as I feel the questionnaire is often leading people to the result they want. In one recent survey I had to use the data from, one of the questions was :
    How much would you be willing to pay for this service? Answer choices were free, £10, £25, £50, £100. You can guess which one had 95% of the respondents ticking the box. A better way surely is a question along the lines “at what price do you think this service would offer good value for money”, and then either a free text box or some figures to pick from. This service had absolutely no chance of being free, so why the heck have that as the preferred choice….it was bleeding obvious. As you say, too many surveys have poor questions making the result unusable. Put rubbish in, get rubbish out. Although also as said, this one was better than some.



    Some of the wordings used in these customer surveys are simply ridiculous. I recently rented a property for a short period and afterwards received a link where I was invited to offer feedback. There were numerous questions but the responses offered were only the following

    Were you:

    a) Happy
    b) Very Happy
    c) Delighted
    d) No comment.



    LuganoPirate – 09/08/2015 08:02 BST

    Thanks, it’s nice to be back and enjoying the interesting discussions.



    By way of coincidence, I am currently writing a white paper on how to design surveys for a client. The first paragraph contains the following –

    “What makes a good survey? The answer is one that asks the right people in sufficient numbers the right questions that elicit honest answers that are easily collated and summarised in such a way that actionable insights can be obtained enabling organisations to make the right decisions.

    What makes a bad survey? The answer is one that asks the wrong people in insufficient number the wrong questions that are difficult to answer and the answers are difficult to collate and summarise and give no insight and result in organisational paralysis”



    The problem I find is that anyone everybody seems to think it’s easy to pull together a survey questionnaire. The proliferation of tools such as Survey Monkey hasn’t helped either.
    In many instances all you get is garbage in which is followed by garbage out at the analysis stage….. and unfortunately many survey “creators” (even from so called reputable companies) are totally unaware of this when interpreting their findings…… Time now for me to climb of my hobby horse 😉

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