Air Peace Safety Violations

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  • SimonS1

    So less than a month into the Gatwick – Lagos route Air Peace has already been reported to CAA for safety irregularities.

    Navigational issues, Captain using his iPad, fueling irregularities and one press article refers to the aircraft missing multiple exits from the runway on landing.

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    Air Peace….NO
    They is honest as the day is long!


    Perhaps some background on this incident would be interesting to some.

    As is the Nigerian way-there are of course no issues-
    Subjected to unfair scrutiny-all was in full compliance falsely accused by UK CAA- a devilish conspiracy by the UK government etc etc.

    The Lead, Corporate Communications executive of the airline, Mr Stanley Olisa, dismissed the allegation in a statement made available to newsmen on Monday in Lagos.
    “In response to a publication alleging safety concerns, Olisa confirmed the UK CAA’s letter to the NCAA, but said the issues raised were non existent or had since been fully resolved.”
    He said the publication was false and was meant to create fears and doubts in the minds of the flying public.
    According to him, since Air Peace’s inaugural flight to the UK, the airline has been subjected to over rigorous scrutiny by relevant authorities.

    He said the UK CAA had on April 7 requested clarification on the airline’s use of the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and some other concerns, which were immediately addressed and settled.

    “It is, therefore, wrong to say that the airline did not have approval for EFB. Air Peace received approval from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), and all our Boeing 777 aircraft are certified to operate with EFBs.

    “Regarding the claim that our B777 aircraft lack iPad mounts and charging ports in the flight deck, this is incorrect”.
    All B777 aircraft are equipped with charging ports in the cockpit, and we ensure that all our B777 aircraft have iPad mounts,” Olisa said.
    He also said an issue raised by the UK CAA was the location of the airline’s cockpit library on the B777, adding that the B777 designated two locations for storing manuals and books – one behind the captain and one under the jump seat.(incorrect)
    Olisa said during the inspection, the books were stored under the jump seat, as it was commonly practised. ( rubbish)

    The CAA censure must have been of considerably embarrassment to the CEO given that he had stuffed the aircraft full of over a hundred Nigerian politicians and senior government employees for a jolly weekend in London – at the airlines cost as of course that’s the way things work in Nigeria.

    The very used 26 year old ex Emirates 777 used is one of two 777s currently operational the other being another much travelled ex SIA
    leased 22 yo 777-300. The airline does however have a decent safety record – but a poor service one.

    According to the airlines chief executive Allen Onyema foreign airlines(UK) are trying to put them out of business on the route by selling tickets at under cost

    “Of course, it is a very devilish conspiracy. All of a sudden, airlines are under pricing — that is below the cost. Not up to a month,” he said. One other airline was advertising $100, another one $305 and $350. Fill up the entire aircraft and carry people on the wings. It is not even enough to buy your fuel.”
    Why are they doing that? Because their governments are supporting them. Nigeria has been a cash cow for everybody.” etc etc

    Apparently the warning letter from UK CAA is all part of this devilish British conspiracy !


    While violations are concerning, there seem to be two sides to this story. As @Cwoodward noted, the airline claims the issues were non-existent or resolved. International flight can also be an adjustment, and oversights happen even with experienced carriers. Rather than accusations, constructive dialogue may be better. The passengers’ safety should be the top priority, and all parties, including regulators, seem committed to that. Overall safety is a team effort requiring understanding and cooperation between airlines and oversight agencies.

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    Ah yes, Allen Onyema. The PR gift that keeps on giving.

    Last September it was Heathrow or nothing, he certainly wasn’t going to Gatwick.

    7 months later and Gatwick it was.

    By April, it was ‘dirty tricks’ at Gatwick.

    And by May the CAA is involved.

    Lucky Stansted.

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    Interesting to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sucked in to the Air Peace drama.

    Courtesy flights from Air Peace for the recent unofficial royal tour while the US authorities are apparently anxious to speak to Allan “I’m not going to Gatwick” Onyema….it seems he is not ‘going to USA’ either….


    The UK CAA’s scrutiny of Air Peace, deemed a conspiracy by the airline, highlights concerns over regulatory compliance and competitive practices amidst allegations of unfair targeting by foreign airlines.


    Allen Onyema, the founder of Air Peace certainly gets about !

    Last year he obtained Antigua and Barbuda citizenship under the country’s Citizenship by Investment Programme and is now set to become the largest investor in defunct airline LIAT 2020 along with the Antigua and Barbuda government who have invested US$20.1 million to acquire and operationalise the three ATR 42-600 aircraft ceased by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), to outfit the revamped airline.
    Apparently Oedema intends to operate the airline as a subsidiary of Air Peace.

    Where Onyema obtained the funds to start Air Peace in 2013 has always been something of a mystery and to say the least murky as Onyema was not a rich man having always worked as an employee.

    The following makes interesting reading.
    Be the below true and accurate I have no idea but to my mind it seems basically more likely than not to explain the source of the funds that started Air Peace given the time frame and the country.

    It has been widely reported that the airline was established with proceeds of corruption during the administration of Goodluck Jonathan.The airline was established very quickly and the paperwork apparently waved through in two weeks by the authorities.

    The man behind the scene making every move possible was said to be the one and only Kingsley Kuku, the ex-SA and Chairman of the huge charity Presidential Amnesty.
    He was one of the most powerful men in the government of GEJ and a very close to Patience Jonathan and President Goodluck Jonathan but seems always to have kept a very low profile.
    Kingsley Kuku appointed his colleague and confidant, Allen Onyema as his consultant for the Presidential Amnesty Programme. PAP that handled multibillion contracts yearly on behalf of ND youths.

    Three years later there emerged a new well funded airline – Air Peace

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    No matter how much scrutiny you as an airline are put under you suck it up. If everything is in order then you have nothing to fear. I remember flying into Luxembourg’s new/refurbished airport as BA crew and was met by Luxembourg CAA.

    They were professional and friendly and spoke to the pilots about how they found the new layout and if everything was ok. I think we were one of the first to land. Part of the aviators life.


    cwoodward: Your writing software made an interesting, but unfortunate change in your piece, which gave me a laugh:

    ……………Apparently Oedema* intends to operate the airline as a subsidiary of Air Peace”.

    *Oedema is a build-up of fluid in the body which causes the affected tissue to become swollen. The swelling can occur in one particular part of the body or may be more general, depending on the cause. You should see your GP If an oedema doesn’t clear by itself.

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    Thanks ASK1945 It was of course not deliberate and gave me a laugh too. However……..


    On the contrary – I’d say it was a most appropriate malapropism.

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