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    Flew NZ2 from Auckland to London via Los Angeles. This is the first time I have flown long haul with Air New Zealand and was very pleasantly surprised!

    The checking in process was smooth. I had a bit of a wait as there was only one person at the business desk at Auckland initially – and there were 3 people ahead of me (including one lady asking for an upgrade from the sound of it…) – luckily another desk opened up and things went quite smoothly once that happened!

    The Koru Lounge in Auckland is a lovely space. It is divided into different sections and is very comfortable. I didn’t eat much (knowing that I would have at least a 3 course meal once on board) – however, the wine selection was good and the bubbles went down well! Wifi worked well (occasionally a bit slow!).

    I also got to experience the LA Koru Lounge whilst in transit — I was initially worried that it would take too long to get through US immigration to get to the lounge, but it all flowed very well and they seem to have a good system. It was nice to be able to go into the airport rather than just the transit lounge (especially as I had a terrible headache and had to buy some tylenol) — the LA lounge was again well set out but smaller than Auckland’s. The showers were good but there was no one manning the showers so I wasn’t sure if I had to book a shower or not, plus there were only 3 showers. Food/drink looked good but didn’t have any as wasn’t hungry.

    There didn’t seem to be a dedicated section to board for BP in Auckland – it was a bit of a free-for-all – but things moved quickly. I was annoyed by the FA on board who barely glanced at my ticket and tried to direct me to economy — um, no – I think I might go to my seat 1A instead!! No apology and was quite offended by the unspoken assumption that I wasn’t “BP” enough (judging from those around me, it might have been because I was about 10 years younger than any other passenger in BP!)…

    However, once on board, some bubbles and a comfy seat made me much happier 🙂

    This is an interesting seat – it looks like it might be quite narrow but once you’re in it, it feels very comfortable and spacious. One of the arm rests goes down if you are feeling a little cramped (I only put it down when the seat was made up for sleeping) – for those people who haven’t used the seat, a mini-tutorial was given by the FA’s. It was all pretty easy to use, however.

    As a bed, the seat really comes into its own. Yes, you have to get up to change it, but the back of the seat has a soft mattress and the added foam mattress makes for a very cosy bed. The duvet was good and I loved the large pillows. I only managed 3hrs of solid sleep (plus another 3hrs of dozing) but that was due to some turbulence on the first flight and a bit of a sore back on the second flight.

    The only down side of the seat is the lack of storage – I was able to store my iPad and glasses and that was about it! But there was plenty of overhead storage, so it didn’t bother me too much.

    Excellent. Apart from my initial problem with the FA (who, interestingly, was the FA in charge for the flight!) – the service was very good. They were down a FA on the LA to London flight and there was a message on the entertainment screen about that – however, all the FA did an excellent job despite the fact they were short. Was very impressed.

    Good choice of wines and bubbles. The wines were well matched to the food. The food was excellent – good choice (in fact, too much choice at times!!) – although the servings seemed small, once you had 3 courses (had to skip the cheese & crackers!), you were pretty full!

    Very good. I didn’t watch any of the movies, but there was a lot of choice including quite a few older movies (eg: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) and a good selection of current movies. I did watch a few TV shows – including Smash (pity there were only 4 episodes – would have loved to have watched the whole first season!), Bones (season 6) and Wallander (alas, only 2 episodes). Music was also very good. I particularly liked the playlist where you could pick songs/TV shows/movies and put them onto a playlist.

    Excellent – our flight was scheduled to land at 10:45am in London, we actually got to London by 10:15 and arrived at the gate and got off by 10:30am (short wait – had to circle for a bit then we had to wait for a plane to move out of our allocated gate) — through immigration, picked up bags and out by 11am – pretty impressed!!

    Not a perfect product, but pretty close to it. I am already looking forward to my return flight and would definitely recommend it to others.


    Great review. Wish they were all like this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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