Air France problems

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    with Air France’s calamities should IAG put in a cheeky bid (not withstanding the need to integrate Aer Lingus and the obvious concerns of the mettlesome EU) for KLM?

    also, you’ll get the cancelled 787s on the cheap?


    Whilst it is sad to see a European Airline in retreat in the current climate I must say I am not entirely surprised.

    I can count on one hand the flights on Air France that have been good whilst the majority of flights I have had with them have been terrible. Mainly the cabin crew attitudes.

    I remember sitting in Business Class a few years back from Abidjan to Paris and only 2 people in it…. The menu came round and I asked for Chicken to which the steward said “None left”…. I looked around the cabin and replied – but there are only 2 of us on this flight in business…..

    Also on another flight to Luanda asking for 2 beers as they were small cans. I was told I had to drink one then ask for another. I managed to finish the first can in about 30 seconds then pushed the call button to request another from the same steward. His face was a picture….


    never had a problem on AF (although I know others who have), flying from Birmingham to Riyadh (the champagne was always excellent after two ‘dry’ weeks)


    Glad to see AF at last taking on the unions. With a dubious safety record and industrial relation problems it will be uphill all the way for AF, but I hope they pull it off, at least for the benefit of the long suffering KLM staff.


    Taking on the the Unions in France has a certain risk to it!!!


    As any enity with any relationship to the French state has almost invariably capitulated in the face of trades union opposition, this could well be as totemic a struggle for the French economy as the miners strike in the UK back in the 1980s. I remain to be convinced that the French political class, be that left or right-wing, has the determination to force through the message that things have got to change. Unfortunately, the mindset that “we’ve only got to block a few roads/burn a few tyres…” is learnt at a very early age with student protests.


    Air France problems.

    Drop the Air and the sentence still holds true 😉


    Its interesting the airline admits to operating so many unprofitable routes, so about time their management got into the 21st Century!



    Fully agree, but easier said than done. The French government still has a percentage ownership in AF, and as much as they have said they support the management, the French Government are notorious for backing down to Union pressure, so as much as the Management should get into the 21st Century, the unions should get out of the 18th century and wake up to the need for change.


    Loved that post!!


    British Airways did make a play for KLM. 15 years ago.



    Yes, and BA offered to buy Air France a while back for €1. Far too much even then I would say. I really hope KL will not be effected by this situation.


    Utter disgraceful behaviour that will reflect around The World for “Air France”!

    KLM regard themselves as “a family”, and have been flexible and worked hard to remain in profit and change to keep the Company going well. Democracy, teamwork, and care and pride in their KLM brand.

    I too have had awful experiences when flown AF, even their A380 a few weeks ago, full, and not one meal spare, and pathetic food. Staff attitude was belligerent! The Aircraft was cramped and i ate nothing the whole flight with salad and salad as a vegetarian option, not one other meal, with over 500 on board.

    Returning from HKG on KLM was completely different, excellent gentle, genuine care, and attention, and superb food, and new WBC on a 747. The crew were organised, relaxed and worked well as a team. A very Dutch feel and attitude. It was a sheer pleasure, and calming, so so absolutely different from the AF tension and feel.

    I talked to The KLM Captain for about 20 mins and he clearly indicated how embarrassed and angry KLM staff were with AF, who lost a whole years profit in 2 weeks strike. He could not understand how AF would damage themselves, but more the efforts and results obliterated, that KLM had achieved. I also know several senior KLM people, and perhaps it is time to divide AF and KLM off, show who makes the losses (KLM is in profit), and shame those who do.

    All AF have done, is write their own redundancy notices, and unlike KLM who work in variable roles to help even, (Flight crew working in flight planning, voluntary clerical roles on a day off, pilots in Engineering roles), show the type of attitudes hold. They are a disgrace to The industry, and as a shareholder, i would like to see and hear the KLM results apart from the AF ones, show them wasting money, lazy ground & crews, and over staffing.

    I also truly hope KLM are not tarnished by this childish and unique behaviour, that AF have shot across the World as their image of their Airline, and those who work for them. Those offending should be prosecuted for their criminal behaviour also, violent assault and carry a Criminal record for it.

    What other Airline has ever, in The World, displayed such behaviour?!!!



    Brilliantly put. 100% in agreement! AF unions are a total disgrace!


    Yesterday KLM issued a simple two line statement regarding the AF incident at Paris.

    Marcus – By the way, today marks KLM’s 95th anniversary.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 56 total)
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