Air France fined Euros 240,000 for delays at CDG. Union threatens strike.

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  • capetonianm

    You may be correct that AF appeals to French customers because of that unique French culture, but it needs to have a wider appeal than that to be successful. It has a poor reputation internationally though (and please don’t use the comparison with BA because I know they also have a lousy reputation.)

    KLM beats either of those two airlines hands down.


    Everyone has différent tastes and it’s a very good thing 🙂


    Vive la difference, et bonne soirée.


    Hi all.
    As a KLM/ AF Shareholder, recent figures for Share holders places around 6% of employees, and under 10% by the french Government, who have been aiming to reduce this for some years.
    Others are institutional or individuals.

    The Share price in December was as low as 4.65 Euros each, rising to E 13.75 in the last few weeks.
    Not may Airlines where you could have made over 300% shares profit in 6 months!
    With a higher profit than anticipated in 2016, and month by month increases of load factors, they are performing well.
    Many flights i take long and short haul are full, and their Amsterdam Lounges are bursting (being increased and refurbished right now). Schiphol is busier than ever with a year on year increase, and well ahead plans for expansion 10 years ahead underway.

    If people take the time to look, it is indeed lead by KLM and Transavia.—increasing-passenger-load-factor-to-record-high/

    AF have cut back, a new brand for medium / long haul for them has been launched, to cut costs, Unitise, as their “HOP” program.
    No such Brand is planned or needed for KLM, though i think they would be very wise to develop a Premium Economy model.

    In terms of Dutch culture, i much enjoy travelling with them, their open honest approach, efficiency (world’s most On time Airline), and natural pleasant manner, this does truly reflect Dutch culture.
    Having lived in Amsterdam, and many friends and colleagues from NL’s, they are a calming influence, direct, fun, and avoid conflict.
    I feel over 25 years of flying them, this reflects around KLM. They are also fortunate to have Schiphol, a very efficient Airport, voted the “Best in Europe” for many years, and easy smooth and very pleasant to transfer there, where over 75& of people change to another flight.

    I do not have the same experiences with AF, always regretted every flight, and found many faults, and little care, with poor attitudes. It is the only Airline i have seen, where Airport ground crew walk into the lounges to take food and drink from the passenger facilities! Neither do i enjoy the maze and time draining CDG Airport, or the little interest or care shown through every ground service.
    These are my own observations, and appear to go along with the culture and attitudes of each country as they really are.
    I choose not to fly AF, only KLM and keep a Platinum / Skyteam status with them.


    As you chose not to fly with AF I presume your own observations are quite old.
    Both AF and CDG airport (which is ruled by ADP not by AF) have change a lot within the last ten years.
    For example I have never seen members of crew having lunch or diner in the CDG Lounges 🙂
    Transiting in CDG (at least within terminal 2 which is AF/KLM hub) is now very easy and smooth as some other people on this forum have experienced.
    You should give another try to AF to update your observations. You might actually have a good surprise.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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