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    San Francisco – Beijing; Economy Class

    I have the worst experience with Air China on 05/11/2014. My parents flew back to Beijing from San Francisco international airport. The original ticket is united airline, however, we changed our ticket three months ago. For some reason, the airline was also changed to Air China.

    1. We arrived the airport three hours early before the departure time. The airport travel assistant, named Betty, responded that she cannot find our reservation. She suggested that we might make a mistake. I showed her our e-ticket information. She said that I had to talk to the ticket agent from United states. They CANNOT help me.

    2. I talked with ticket agent from United Airlines. The lady helped me print out the e-ticket information and confirmed our reservation. She even walked me back to Air China counter to explain on my behalf.

    3. This time, another assistant, named Victoria, said that she still cannot find our reservation. I have to call the united airline to push our ticket reservation through to Air China. Ok, I called the customer service, and got our confirmation number for Air china. Again, they said that there is no information in their system. They have nothing to do, and they CANNOT help me.

    4. Meanwhile, the first lady Betty was back. She mentioned that there were some glitch between United airlines and air china, and this kind of situation happens almost everyday. As the agent, she knew that kind of situation happens EVERYDAY. I am a customer, and it happens to me once in my life time. You are responsible to help your customer to resolve the issue, not complain us. We did nothing wrong.

    5. After more than one-hour waiting, they said that they could overwrite two tickets for us. Victoria said that Betty did the HUGE favor to me and my parents. REALLY, it is not a favor. You should apology to me for letting me waiting for more than an hour.

    6. At last, they arranged my parents separately into two rows and both are sitting in the middle of three seats. I am very unhappy about the arrangement. I complained, but they said that either I took these tickets or pay extra to rearrange the flight. On the next counter, Victoria arranged three crew seats for a person. I am very angry. They said that they will call the police.

    In summary, I am very unsatisfied with the service from Betty and Victoria, Air china at the San Francisco international airport. I am very sad for my parents. They had to wait for more than an hour at the check-in counter and another 12 hours sitting separately in the middle seat. Ironically, today is Mother’s day. I hope that my parents could sleep well and go back home safely. I also hope that people could be treated friendly and well at the airport check-in counter and have a wonderful trip. It is very stressful to me and my parents. It is not easy to say goodbye to my dear parents at the airport. The bad experience at the airport made the thing even worse.


    Hello irishzhao10

    Sorry to hear about your experiences flying between SanFrancisco and Beijing.

    Really I an afraid you inadvertently booked a code-share flights. We at Business Traveller along with other travel publications have received 100s of complaints from passengers about airline confusion as a result of code-share flights.

    In answer to passenger and government compliants the airlines have been forced to make the system more transparent.

    Checking with just now I see there are two daily non stop flights between San Francisco and Beijing.

    One flight is shown as operated by United, the other (although it carries a United flight number) is shown as being operated by Air China.

    This information would also have been printed on your itinerary/e-ticket at the time you changed the booking.

    So in future, always check the operating carrier before you book a particular flight.

    See my Ask Alex reponse to a similar situation involving Lufthansa and SAA code-shares between J’burg and Europe:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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