AF/KL seek multibillion Euro loan package

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  • canucklad

    What was the logic in the first place?

    A toxic mix of bigger is better thinking, as the ME3 started to erode profit margins.
    Then add in huge US carriers basically having carte -blanche to badly manage their businesses, knowing full well , like the ME£ they’d have the safety net of state aid through Chapter 11 help.
    And then chuck in a feeling of dogmatic EU Eurocentric political complicity and …..

    Voila, its time to tie the knot and walk down the aisle

    The big question , probably rhetorical is who wears the pants in the marriage ?

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    Having flown KLM for 25 years, lived in Amsterdam, and know a few friends within KLM, and a Director of the Airport, i do certainly see where The Dutch are coming from.
    I took two of the Senior Dutch KLM ladies to one side for an off the record chat at a ticket desk where i was at the time just after.
    They did not take or like it either, but i do recall them saying it was either go and merge into BA, and lose the KLM Brand, and disappear, or take the merge.

    A Captain on board a 747 flights 2 years ago, came out of the cabin when people were sleeping, and in the upstairs cabin, he sat and we chatted. He said quite frankly they had been cut to the bone for pilots and crews, 1-2 crews have been removed from all flights short haul in Europe 1, 2 from Long haul, and the Junior Purser.
    They were all working in swapping roles when times were tough, transferring to engineering or flight ops, admin work, ground staff, anything they could wherever possible to keep “The KLM Family together”, rather than lose people. Some work they did voluntarily.
    They had tough close together rosters, both pilots and crews. they made about 12% profit in recent years and AF was losing it within the group.

    they do care, as their Government, city Councils have stakes in both KLM and Schiphol Airport. They are owned by The Dutch taxpayers.
    Air France have nothing of this, and quite the opposite of attitude. They are disconnected from their own behaviour, attitude and responsibility.
    They have no holding stake but themselves and equal disregard for The Dutch, often hinting how superior they are to KLM and The Dutch!

    I also understand the Dutch manner, blunt open honest yet calm cool realistic honest manner. I find it refreshing, if not at times funny in an adorable way.
    If you have something to say in Dutch culture, it just comes out, and inability or lack of a wish to hold it in.
    Australians are much the same, and having lived, worked and travelled back there often. i find the similarity.
    If you can take it, and do the same, you are well regarded, and you get all done quicker!

    I have to learn to change my attitude in London when flying KLM or going to “Dutchness”, i do not have to raise my voice, argue, gather evidence to put a point forwards or push to get anything done.
    If the rules are there, you have a point, it is noted before you ask or agreed with.
    Admittedly The Australians are much more “in your face” invariably vulgar and blunt (think Dame Edna and Sir Les Patterson – they really are characteristics even if exaggerated you see there).

    I enjoy both honesty and open “say what you think and feel” cultures.
    It taught my Career much, and i became a far better Manager and then Director in Australia in my 20’s, returning to London, managing to get a reputation of getting things done, where others failed. Thanks to Dutchness, and Australianess!!!

    When i do travel, i am seen as part of both cultures, and the humour that goes with it, and welcomed. It is great fun in both Worlds!

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Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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