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    Seems like Aer Lingus/IAG are slowly building a formidable US flight operations out of Dublin. Personally I like the advantage of the immigration pre-clearance and Terminal 2 is always a very smooth departure. Great to see! Wonder will they start to align their FF scheme with BA, or even contemplate a re-entry to Oneworld?



    Three new US destinations expected to be announced today.

    One wonders whether or not ET will continue with its fifth freedom service DUB-LAX. It doesn’t have the benefit of US pre-clearance.



    I wondered the same thing re. ET – especially due to the current unattractive (at least for most) departure time of 615am out of Dublin…



    Great news re. EI.

    It appears ET is starting a route to Toronto via DUB as of 26/10. Please correct me if I am wrong.



    And Aer Lingus has now just announced they are flying to Newark as well!



    If it’s not a daft question, why doesn’t the ET service have pre-clearance at DUB? Surely they make through passengers disembark during the stopover anyway?

    Maybe ET can switch the route to a UK regional airport? I recall BA briefly used to offer a MAN-LAX service – maybe ET could give that a go? I doubt they’d have much difficulty getting the fifth freedom rights.

    As for EI’s growing transatlantic network – great news, but as the opening poster says, we just need them to rejoin Oneworld.



    travelsforfun – Have you considered ET’s departure time ex-DUB ? Would the pre-clearance officials be working in the early hours ? Maybe that’s the answer.



    Do airlines have to pay for pre-clearance at Dublin? Maybe that is also a factor??



    Well apparently load factors for ET to LAX have been pretty good at 80% with lots of passenger originating in Dublin.

    In a report from CAPA, ET next summer is also launching flights to New York (preferrably Newark) with Houston and Chicago next. I wonder EI announcements are a reaction to ET’s presence and intended growth at DUB.



    Flew from DUB yesterday on AA to CLT and on to ORD. Was impressed by pre-clearance which meant going straight to the Admiral’s Club at CLT on arrival.

    Only real negative is that the DUB lounges are all before the USA immigration. It would be much better if they were actually airside.

    I can certainly see why BA wanted EI as they can offer connections to the USA from UK regions, and also France and Holland, biting into AF/KL near monopoly on transfer traffic.



    I recently did a Dublin start to a trip to SFO via PHL, great tier points run. I too was impressed with Dublin, apart from DAA lounges which don’t really offer much. Liked pre clearance, as arrived in US and strolled onto connecting flight without having to retrieve bags etc. I live in Cardiff, so can soon use Aer Lingus as my feeder as I used to do with KLM vis AMS. Hope the feeder services from the regions improve, with better frequency and timings, so i can avoid trudge up the M4 to LHR.



    One assumes the domestic Irish market might first look towards EI, with many being unaware of the ET service.

    The ET LAX arrival time of 8:30am, is likely more appealing to business.

    Arriving @ 6pm, the EI flight might not be best timed for onward connections, however once EI gets integrated into OW, it’ll still open up a good range of connections via AA to LAS etc for leisure travellers.



    ET might have an early arrival into LAX but who would willingly wish to report for check-in at DUB in the middle of the night ?



    @ontherunhome – 22/10/2015 17:34 BST

    You’ll just have made WW’s day: proof of the basis behind the EI takeover and the rationale to use DUB as LHR’s third runway.

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