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    Aer Lingus appears to be beleaguered with industrial relations problems at present…

    No sooner has the previous strike planned by ground staff been quashed by Ryanair and DAA taking the union to court, but now Aer Lingus cabin crew have voted for strike action and are planning their first day of strike on the June bank holiday weekend. Apparently the traveling public are to be treated to a rolling series of strikes over the Summer period.

    As I need to book two trips to the US over the Summer I am wondering what other airlines in addition to EI should I avoid due to industrial unrest. I got caught up in a BA strike many moons ago and have no wish to repeat the experience. Have LH sorted out their IR problems and what about French ATC?

    Maybe I’ll just stay home….



    Hello VectorOne

    You did not mention the city pairs between which you intend to fly …

    I realise most Irish travellers head south for departures from DUB. But have you considered going in the reverse direction and departing with UA from BFS ? Note that a reduced rate of APD applies for this particular flight.




    I imagine Aer Lingus will be on a position to run transatlantic services (they are their most profitable routes).

    Remember flying to USA ex Dublin offers US Pre Clearance which saves a lot of time.

    Delta & US Airways also fly ex Dublin, if you cannot book EI



    Some good news in the midst of all the bad.

    As EI made the decision to cancel all their flights today, including TA, it encouraged me to look at what the competitors were offering for a forthcoming NYC trip. Plenty of Club availability on AA/BA for Euro1,200 return so bagged myself one of those fares.

    Commiserations to any traveller caught up in the EI drama – and well done to Air Stobart for not allowing themselves to be dragged into it. It would be wonderful if EI could give them some LHR slots so at least when further strikes occur we can travel to the UK capital as well as to its regional airports.



    Does anyone know if the EI industrial action applies to Stobart Air services on behalf of Aer Lingus Regional? I am assuming not…..



    VectorIne, if you can snag one of the AA flights with the new J (basically any 77W aka 777-300ER) then I can highly recommend it (but not row 4)




    Aer Lingus regional flights are operated by Aer Arran who ran a number of services yesterday.

    I assume that they will continue to operate if there is further strike action.



    Pat, thanks

    Aer Arran is now moving to or has moved to a new identity as Stobart Air – see

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