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    I think I must have missed Aer Lingus’ 75th birthday. I was through Dublin T2 on Friday 27th May, and there was no mention of the momentous occasion – no balloons, no birthday banners, not even a fake cake to be seen. The lack of celebration mode carried through into the Gold Circle lounge, where the only hint of the event was a wifi password which reflected the occasion.

    I boarded the flight to the UK, and neither the crew nor the captain made any reference to the birthday.

    I thought i had my dates completely wrong, then I saw a full page Ryanair ad wishing them happy birthday for 75 years of rip-off fares – so the only confirmation of the Aer Lingus 75th birthday was an advert from their old friend Michael O’Leary!



    Maybe it’s something to do with the threat of pending industrial action:



    I saw that alright. The hilarious part is the pilots who do turn up for their shift will arrive 1 hour late. If I did that I would get a warning from HR!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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