Aegean Miles & Bonus: where is the trick?

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  • CXDiamond

    Surely A3 must be ready to tighten the screws on this and stop gold for 20K miles? It rather devalues the gold status and it’s no wonder other *A carriers look down on it.

    If you can qualify, I think LH M&M is unmatched among *A programmes and the rewards are easily available IME.

    Of course, if you can’t qualify with M&M I suppose you might choose an inferior option.


    The key point here has been missed.

    You get Gold FOR LIFE for 20,000 miles. You need to credit a flight, any flight, every couple of year (need to check the small print) but your status is effectively for life.


    @CXD: there is absolutely no doubt than M&M is my far the worse program out there. Anything else can only be better. This is the only program I know giving more miles to an eco passenger than to a business class one (thanks to the switch mentioned above, I just doubled the number of miles I received, for the very same flight)! Reward chart is a joke, fuel surcharges, ridiculous, and availability absurd… Just forget M&M!


    Well, I’ve been a fan of M&M for years and indeed was one of their first UK members. I find the programme suits my needs very well and I get the rewards that I want. I retain gold without trying.

    The move to rewards based on fare paid is nothing new, SQ have been doing it for years. Why should someone on a cheap C fare earn more miles than someone on a full and more expensive Y fare? The argument for that is nonsense and only made by people who think that they should get the full value of the cabin regardless of the fare paid, they do for hard and soft product but miles awards are thankfully being removed. Hopefully it will cull the number of DYKWIAs with gold cards traveling on cheap tickets too.

    On this, where LH have led, others will follow.


    There is no trick to achieving M&B gold status. I flew to Manila on SQ in June, which earned me 20,594 miles on a D class ticket. Four weeks after my return flight I received an Aegean Star Gold card. It is valid until December 2016, which is another bonus. I rate access to lounges and fast track lanes (when travelling in economy on short-haul flights) higher than the ability to redeem the 20 k miles it “cost” to achieve this status.


    It would be a “cost” if lost. To be honest, initially this is how I saw it as well. But the Star Alliance redemption chart looks very much like Lufty’s M&M’s…


    EternalExpat – 21/08/2013 15:20 GMT

    I completely agree.

    Lounge access is worth having for the modest spend involved with A3, but I won’t get ‘hooked’ into FF schemes for ‘free’ flights.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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