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    I check from time to time to see if there any updates, but all I ever see is an expectation that the merger will close in the third quarter. We’re a third of the way through that now, so I would have hoped that there would be some more solid news. In particular, I am curious to know when US will join oneworld – not because I intend to fly them any time soon, but because I do have a September flight on AA from an airport that has a US lounge but no AA lounge, so I have rather been hoping I would get lounge access with my oneworld elite membership!! However, that flight is only six weeks away, so I am getting less and less hopeful…

    Does anyone have any news about the progress of the merger, integration efforts, and in particular the transition of US into oneworld?


    Tom Otley


    the suggestion here is that it will be approved on August 6




    It looks like the merger still needs US government antitrust approval which is likely to be given. That is reportedly to happen by the end of the third quarter. Then US Airways is slated to join One World as an affiliate member until the two airlines are fully integrated over the next year and a half. It may take some time for US Airways to transfer systems and to become compatible with One World. I’ve seen rumors this may happen by sometime in November. But it does not appear you will be lucky enough to get lounge access in 6 weeks. If the lounge is crucial, I think US Airways allows you to purchase a one time pass and also lets Platinum Amex card holders (at least US based ones) have access to their lounges.



    I’m a UK Amex Plat card holder and I’ve never had an issue using the US Airways lounge at TPA. They have also let me take the family in with me as a card holder, and stated this was standard practice and not a ‘favour’.



    Not too fast for me please! I am on US air in two weeks and I need the miles for my SAS card.



    Thanks everyone

    Californian, unfortunately as I am flying AA I don’t think US will let me into the lounge even with a one-time pass!



    The merger has hit a stumbling block as US Department of Justice files an anti-trust lawsuit:




    WOW. DoJ just figured out to bock this deal now. Very strange.



    I just wish we had regulators and governments who protected consumers as the US is. …….

    “By challenging this merger, the Department of Justice is saying that the American people deserve better,” US Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement.

    “This transaction would result in consumers paying the price – in higher air fares, higher fees and fewer choices.”

    As we can see from what has happened at LHR by giving in to BA, the consumer pays in the end via higher prices, poorer products and a lack of choice.



    As I am in the middle of a complicated round trip, all on US Airways, and all excellent flights, so far, I am happy for any merger not to happen. I’m with the DoJ.



    I truly disagree with those comments above that praise the DoJ for its actions. As a frequent traveler it is incomprehensible why the DoJ and some State AG’s are trying to stop this merger now and delay the court date. Looking at my home base CHS as one example out of many on the east coast I see the clear disadvantages AA and US are faced with compared to UA and DL. US is missing the international network to effectively compete with the big two and AA has no true, especially, east coast feeder network to its hubs at JFK or DFW for their excellent international network. At this point both virtually have no overlap in routes in most cities they serve, so the merger would not create less competition as one of them is not there or on that route in that market anyway. To the contrary the two would form a veritable alternative to the big two and thus would create more competition!
    This is also a matter of fairness. How could the DoJ let the leading US Staralliance network partners and the leading US Skyteam partners merge and form transatlantic and transpacific revenue share agreements and not have AA and US merge and have the same for a strong Oneworld US based group? I for one hope that justice and fairness prevails and a third strong competitor is allowed to emerge. If US and AA have to stay separate this will not be in the interest of the travelling public.




    I don’t think the forum technology supports that 🙂



    Those in the forum in support of this merger should actually sign the petition to the DoJ:

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