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  • JanYoutzu

    Some months ago I booked a mileage flight for my daughter from Bangkok to London in business class.

    Yesterday my daughter left Bangkok on a flight via Hong Kong and then to London Uk.

    The first flight was delayed, leaving her stranded in Hong Kong at 1am in the morning. All lounges closed.

    She now has a 23 hour delay and been bumped to economy on tomorrow BA flight.

    I asked AA if they thought that was “appropriate”?

    They informed me that BA had said no other seats were “available”.

    Slightly surprising as BA were more than happy to sell me a business seat??

    Now ok, it’s not the end of the world being in economy, even though No doubt a middle of four, last minuite seat, and of course it’s only a twelve hour flight.

    But my question, as a dad, is simply, as we did nothing whatever wrong,…… Do we think that’s appropriate.

    Thank you.


    Maybe in one “word” omitting the “L”.



    Well done, very good.


    All best


    I am sure it had more to do with the typhoon that closed Hkg creating capacity issues more than the airline being unwilling.


    I am sure if your daughter had been willing to wait in Hong Kong for a business class seat to open up in the following days that would have been a possibility. The typhoon cancelled all of Cathay’s flights and therefore other services to London would have been overbooked in trying to accommodate One World Frequent Flyers who would have payed full price for tickets. Mileage tickets your priority is lower, downgrades happen, I can understand your frustration but its one of those things.


    The Hong Kong BA flight took off ok on the night of the typhoon, as did Finair which brought forward its departure time. Cathay Pacific took a different stance and cancelled everything from 10pm until 2pm the following day, plus additional earlier flights. They made this decision in the morning an I was informed by email that my flight would be cancelled. I was then unable to contact them via phone as it was constantly engaged. The very rude staff at the desk at Hong Kong station lied to me and I waited almost 5 hours at the reservations centre in Kowloon, where they had a flight via London then didnt.After much pushing on my account I was rerouted the following night via Frankfurt, luckily I realised before I left the office that they had tried to down grade me for my Frankfurt Manchester leg, or else I would not be writing this from the comfort of the Lufthansa lounge. Cathay’s customer service was dreadful and given that I am BA gold, I can only presume that counted for nothing. It was not the cancelled flight that I was cross about it was the lack of care given after. I would be very cross if my daughter had been downgraded, the points flight is not a free flight, you have earned it.

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    I have been at the boarding gate at HKG when BA were trying to close their London flight, which was a combined flight after the cancellation of the evenings other BA, London flight.

    I was lucky to keep my club seat, but lots of passengers were being downgraded and bumped. Logistically there is nothing the airline could have done, an aircraft only has a specific number of seats..

    I will agree though, if it had been my son who was bumped/downgraded, I would not have been too happy.


    Curious though, what compensations was being offered for the downgrade to Y or PE?


    But my question, as a dad, is simply, as we did nothing whatever wrong,…… Do we think that’s appropriate.

    I would also be very unhappy if one of my kids got downgraded. If it happened to me I’d refuse to fly and take the next flight.


    What, wait, even if it was days later?

    In this case being a points flight I have no doubt that AA will redjust the points to reflect the class of actual travel.


    Nothig much to do with this particular thread but, I recently booked my 3 family members to join me in Bangkok (where I had just completed a business trip) for a holiday together. The booking was MAN to BKK via LHR – economy.

    The booking was using BA Avios & I needed to use the Guest List redemption to fit my daughter onto the flight (A later booking, which was Managed quite superbly by the GGL team – thanks BA).

    On check in at MAN, all 3 of them were quietly upgraded to Premium and my wife (a BA Gold by virtue of my being GGL) was given (her words) “a very nice welcome by the CSD & hope you enjoy the additional space”

    I would complain of course, if they were downgraded but in this case, I wanted to thank BA for this nice surprise (yes, I know, it’s an operational upgrade) my family were delighted.

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