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    yesterday offered a unique experiment for me, to try out the A350 and B787 in a back to back comparison, flying from Singapore to London on Qatar.

    The first flight was on the Airbus, the second on the Boeing.

    there’s my opinion, I felt that the Airbus was night and day ahead of the Boeing in terms of passenger comfort and feeling of space. I felt that the Boeing was cramped (I was in economy and both flights were particularly full).

    other opinions? experiences?


    To date, I have only ever flown on the 787-8 (RJ/QR – Economy and AI/BA/ET in Business) and hope in the near future to fly on the A350. My experience is that in economy the window seats have some restrictions to the legroom due to the IFE box under the seat in front of you.
    One of the best seats in Economy is the last row where there are only 2 seats (window + aisle). There is also additional space next to the window seat for hand baggage. On QR the toilets are not located behind the last row of seats but further forward in the cabin – an additional plus.


    I’ve not flown the A350; but a similar back to back comparison with China southern a330 and b787 showed me that the A330 is a better plane in economy and the extra inch or so of seat width really does matter.


    @AisleSeatTraveller Seems like you’ve had the best way to compare them.
    I’ve flown each too but in J.
    LAN 787 MAD-FRA row 1
    AY A350 HEL-LHR row 3

    Although the personal space in AY’s layout felt more cramped & the lavatory was teeny, I still preferred the A350.



    May I ask what cabin would were in? Qatar’s Business (IMHO) is akin to other carriers first (particularly BA by a mile). Their economy on the 787 in particular is truly hell – far worse than 10 abreast 777’s.

    Im intrigued whether their A350’s are better in Y. I typically travel in Y+ hence Y when schedule dictates im on the Gulfies and its increasingly intolerable, particularly on their newer aircraft.


    In Y class, the A350 has to be more spacious. It has a slightly wider cabin than the B787 and both aircraft are configured 3-3-3.

    However, with all aircraft types dating back to the B707 of the 1960s, the bean counters will be looking to see if they can squeeze in more seats.

    The B787 is already tightly configured at 9-across 3-3-3 but Airbus has already shown that the A350 can be configured 10-across 3-4-3.

    So don’t be surprised (as we have seen with the B707/B747/B777) that some airlines in future go down this road.

    AirAsiaX did originally order a 10-across A350 but later changed its mind. It later ordered addiitonal A330s.




    787 in Y is really awful – and would refuse to fly it. Surely there must be some human rights law somewhere against such conditions. 9 across in an A350 is tolerable and reasonable. However, in J or Y, to me the A350 is an all round nicer aircraft.


    I’ve only been on a 787-8 twice and both time with BA.

    Club World didn’t feel much different to any other BA aircraft with NGCW.

    World Traveller Plus was an excellent product.

    World Traveller looked hideous and like sparkyflyer, I’d avoid it.

    Not tried the A350 yet.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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