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    Air Hostess in 1960 – a little treat for Friday afternoon. Excellent colour film of Heathrow, in flight catering and facilities. Amazing what has changed and what has not.




    I love these “Look at Life” or “Pathé Pictorial” film shorts. They bring back so many memories.
    This particular short brings to mind two points –
    1) How much have the responsibilities of an airhostess changed in those 50 years?
    2) how much Heathrow has changed in those 50 years. Notice the lack of building, clutter, overcrowding.
    Plus it is a little ironic that the film finishes with the hostess leaving the “Queens Building” (old T2), when the new “Queens Building” (new T2) will open in 12 days time.



    I remember going to LHR by bus with my grandfather. I’d love going down the Great West Road sitting upstairs and watching the planes. The bus would stop in front of the terminal, you’d jump off and go inside.

    I wonder of they still have Bovril and Pickled Onions on board. I’m likely flying BA to London next week so will ask!

    Oh, and why did the pilots wear brown khaki suits and not the traditional black ones?



    Yes it was very easy then. I think it was the early 70’s. Tube to Gloucester Road and a very short walk to check in at the BEA/ BA terminal ( now a Sainburys, I think) and on to a Routemaster designated for each flight and towing a trailer containing all the bags. I guess a double decker bus showing its destination as Rome or Athens must have confused at least a few drivers coming in eastbound along the Great West Road!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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