A step closer to ending ban on liquids. Machines at LHR

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    Just a positive article with regards to machines being trialled at Heathrow that hopefully could see us all flying with man-size deodorants in the near future.



    I went through an airport a couple of years ago that used a liquid scanner. I want to say it was GVA but I was pretty sure I was transiting and I have never transited through there… Anyway, that’s by the by. The scan was performed on a bottle of duty-free. Perhaps different technology but it took rather more than 5 seconds – probably a minute or so all told (for the entire process, that is, not just the scan). WHile that isn’t too long for one person to wait, I fear it could cause bedlam if taking liquids becomes popular

    You can solve the man-sized deodorant problem by using Perspirex. Tiny little roll-ons, and very expensive BUT – you only need to use it twice a week. Fantastic stuff. I started using it because I developed an allergy to deodorants which ultimately extended even to hypoallergenic ones, but because I go several days between applications the problem has completely gone away. The instructions say to use it at night but because I find it rather sticky at first I actually use it during the day and haven’t had any problems. It does take a few applications to “get going” though so at first you might need to use it every other day for a week or two

    Sorry for the major thread drift there!!


    I use alum solid stick deo, works like a treat and even the dumbest security goon cannot argue it is a liquid/jelly/paste.

    Back on thread, another example of over reliance on technology, not well trained people.



    Given the problems of security at LHR, does anyone know when this sort of scanning might be introduced?


    Top Tip

    Air Travellers, If you are at all concerned about the delays and disruption that the ban on liquids still causes at major airports then do all your flying from the Middle East.

    In Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Beirut (to name but three) no-one gives a toss about the liquids regulations so you and your water bottles or cans of Coke will be on your way in a jiffy!


    I am still bemused by the fact that in my RTW trips, I can take duty-free from London to the US, but not if I travel in the opposite direction and fly into the US from HK, even though I am not aware that HK security is any less effective than in the UK and the duty-free ships do have the tamper-free bags. Infuriating, particularly as I have never seen my favourite tipple on sale in the US!


    Thankfully, I don’t need to use deodorant.

    The ending of the liquids ban will make travel much more pleasant.

    I don’t find Heathrow security particularly problematic – no worse than many other airports I pass through.


    I wuldnt describe LHR security as being “problematic” per se – it is just that it is spectacularly inconsistent. Sometimes, easy, efficient, and quick, with smiling and courteous staff. Other times, filled with petty jobsworths determined to give no quarter.

    Sometimes, a weird mix of the two. Last year I had to transfer from T3 to T5. It took me 45 minutes to get through the security recheck at T5 (despite the fact I had been airside the whole time) as they continually took more and more things out of my hand luggage, rescanned it, took more out, rescanned it, took more out… I somehow managed to maintain a smiling and polite persona throughout and the security person was equally polite and somewhat apologetic. Turns out the offending item was an old iPod buried at the bottom of the bag (a “suspicious hard drive”!!). Although I do clear out my hand luggage regularly to avoid accumulating unwanted crud, the iPod always stayed in there and had undergone uncountable checks, and this was the only time it had ever caused a problem. Quite why it took so long – and upwards of a dozen checks – remains a mystery to me

    Undoubtedly I have been through worse. Undoubtedly I have been through better. Although, as I said, I maintained my composure it is fair to say that after the better part of an hour my enthusiasm was waning somewhat.

    However, and back on thread – although the ban on liquids will potentially make life more pleasant, it will only really do so once consistency applies across the board. As I highlighted in my earlier post, rules differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Until we get some uniformity, security issues will continue to be a pain, however polite the staff involved may be


    “Thankfully, I don’t need to use deodorant.”

    That’s what you think 😉



    I was so close to saying something along the following lines. I think I have bruises from biting my tongue so hard!!



    I had the ‘hard drive’ thing last time I transited, so I asked the screener if hard drives were problematic, ‘oh yes’, they stop us seeing what is behind them.’

    So I asked him why they didn’t ask us to take them out or add them to the list of items for removal before screening.

    The guy was literally speechless for 30 seconds and then said he took my point.

    I would also add that he was pleasant enough, unlike some of the other ones.

    @sm 08:28

    Lol, I am a mere mortal….please share your secret!


    Morning SM
    Are you sure you didn’t need any yesterday; you must have got yourself into a bit of a sweat correcting my spelling mistakes : )

    And keeping on topic, I might be going against the majority opinion here, but I don’t have an issue with the liquid’s ban.
    To me it encourages people to travel lighter, another machine at security fills me with dread!!


    Thankfully, I don’t know any people who think that they don’t need to wear deodorant. 😉

    On the subject, the liquids ban made me feel safer. But I will assume that the testers will know what they’re doing and don’t think too much about it.

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