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  • miningguy

    Can anyone recommend a decent travel speaker? On Amazon there are 1000s but many I assume have terrible sound quality; others are a bit overkill price wise. Here are my requirements:

    1. Blue tooth
    2. Not enormous (About the size of a tin can springs to mind as acceptable!)
    3. Good sound quality
    4. Costs < £50. (I often end up in places where expensive things like this go missing so I don’t want to spend a fortune).
    5. Battery charged from USB and with a life of 3-4 hours.

    Any ideas would be appreciated 🙂


    I use these, have had quite a few of the original and the new model and am very happy with them.


    I use them for playin ght e sound tracks of videos in meeting rooms – they are surprising loud, have good enough fidelty for my pupose, good battery life and cost less then £45.


    I use a UE Mobile Boombox which is a BT speaker as well as a speaker/ conference phone. Newer model is UE MINI BOOM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker- Black https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00I0UOCB0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_93CGAbWGNJQ37
    A bit over your budget but excellent quality, and it doesn’t look too flashy so not likely to be nicked.


    And there was me going to tell you about the time I went to ……. Agree with NicEvans the BoomBox is the best at the budget you mention, there are many better but more expensive such as a range of JBL or Bose speakers


    Not sure if they are available outside Asia but I have a miniso sound bar, sound quality is good (i tend to have Bose on other things). Bluetooth, 3.5 jack in, SD card slot, works as mobile phone extension (android) and FM radio. battery life is certainly over 8 hours and charges from micro USB. All for the princely sum of £15! so if it goes …walkies…it’s no big loss. (from someone who has left 2 sets of Bose QC15’s on planes before!)



    stevescoots funny you should mention the miniso I actually saw a colleague with one of those recently and he waxed lyrically about it so good call on that…. (does anybody want to buy some second hand bose QC15’s???)

    All joking aside I know what a bummer that can be having done it before the worst thing I lost was an Ipad, remembered it just as I got off the plane by the time I had fought my way back some thieving MoFO had taken it …. Moral of story attach a piece of string to your devices and now I understand why $15 wont hurt if you lose them….


    I have a pair that probably can’t be found anywhere but China or Hong Kong (the brand name is Yushewa) – bought in Stanley Market for 20 quid. I say “them” because it is a pair of speakers. Each is smaller than a golf ball, both are magnetic (I have them normally attached to the metal shelves above my desk) and the sound is amazing (these are better than Beats bluetooth speakers IMHO) – not least because, of course, being a PAIR of speakers, you get true stereo. I was on a shopping trip with the Offspring looking for presents for their friends and was so taken with them I bought a pair as a present for myself. We have now gone back and bought several more pairs for presents! Although you may not be able to find the same brand, I do have to say that having a pair of speakers is, on its own, a fast improvement on a single speaker.

    I have a rather expensive Bose bluetooth speaker at home – and I don’t use it any more!


    I realise I got the brand name totally wrong there! They are SheYeda speakers, and you can see a picture of them here. The picture of the iPhone on the box with the speakers is a pretty good representation of their comparative size – they’re tiny! If you can find them, I highly recommend them!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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